Erasmus of Rotterdam Society

The Erasmus of Rotterdam Society was founded in 1980 to promote the following aims: to encourage research and writing on Erasmus, his contemporaries, and their intellectual milieu; to sponsor the publication of a Yearbook containing scholarly articles and book reviews on these subjects; to sponsor and publish three annual lectures: the Birthday Lecture (near Erasmus' birthday, October 27), which focuses attention on the ideals and goals of Erasmus, who during his own lifetime promoted unity, peace, understanding, and dispassionate inquiry, at Pallas, the Research Institute of the Faculty of Letters at Leiden University (The Netherlands); the Roland H. Bainton Lecture in commemoration of Erasmus' ordination to the priesthood (April 25), at the Warburg Institute (London); and the Margaret Mann Phillips lecture, at locations in North America, commemorating the anniversary of Erasmus' death (July 12). The Society is an affiliate of the Renaissance Society of America and the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference.

The Yearbook is published by Brill, which maintains a website for the journal and an online table of contents of past volumes.

Editorial Board: Laurel Carrington (St. Olaf College), Reinier Leushuis (Florida State University), Clarence H. Miller (St. Louis University), Jane E. Phillips (University of Kentucky), Jill Kraye (The Warburg Institute), Jan Papy (Catholic University Louvain), Alexandre Vanautgaerden (Erasmus Museum Brussels), Mark Vessey (University of British Columbia)

Members and non-members alike are welcome at Society-sponsored lectures, and are urged to submit their own work on Erasmus, his contemporaries, and his intellectual legacy to the Yearbook for possible publication. The Society's program of sponsored lectures, as well as the Yearbook itself, is supported by our members' subscriptions and gifts.

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The Society's executive committee consists of the Secretary, Editor, and Treasurer.

Johannes Trapman, Secretary
Erasmus of Rotterdam Society
Constantijn Huygens Instituut
Postbus 90754
2509 LT Den Haag
The Netherlands

Kathy Eden, Editor
Erasmus of Rotterdam Society Yearbook
Department of English and Comparative Literature
Columbia University


Gregory Dodds, Treasurer
Erasmus of Rotterdam Society
Department of History
Walla Walla University
204 S. College Avenue
College Place, WA 99324

  • Subscription Rates (in US funds) for the Erasmus of Rotterdam Society Yearbook:
    Regular membership = $50.00, Library Subscriptions = $55.00
    Back issues: Vols. 1-22 = $45.00/volume; complete sets are $900.00
    Payment, in US dollars drawn on a US-dollar account, should be sent to the Treasurer. Please direct all enquiries about subscriptions to Gregory Dodds (

  • For information on submissions to the Erasmus of Rotterdam Society Yearbook please contact Kathy Eden (

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