Information for

prospective students and post-docs

I am interested in talking with prospective undergraduate students who wish to gain research experience in the context of HSCI 488/BISC 498, Honours, or volunteering. Inquiries are especially welcome from students who wish to spend several semesters in my lab, and those who have high GPAs (>3.8) and wish to continue with research in graduate school.

I am interested in talking with prospective graduate students who have CIHR, NSERC or other fellowships (or have applied for them), or who have other suitable qualifications. If you qualify, please send me an email with your CV and a cover letter detailing your interests and career aspirations.

I am also very happy to talk to prospective postdoctoral fellows, but only if you have fellowship funding (e.g., CIHR or MSFHR PDF) lined up, or are working on a proposal from some non-Canadian agency (e.g., NSF).