Materials for BUEC 333

First Day Handout.

Lecture 07 Sep.

Assignment 1, due in Tutorial week of 28 Sep

Weekly Schedule.

TA info.

Lecture 14 Sep.

Lecture 21 Sep.

Lecture 28 Sep.

Midterm 12 October in-class, 2 hours.

Assignment 2, due in Tutorial week of 19 Oct

Lecture 19 Oct.

Lecture 26 Oct.

Assignment 3, due in Tutorial or in TAs office week of 9 Nov

More on Venn Diagrams for Regression, Peter Kennedy, 2002. This paper presents the Ballentine Diagrams discussed in class, relating to Multicollinearity and Endogeneity.

Figures from the paper.

Lecture 02 Nov.

Responses for Asst 2.


Quiz responses.

Responses for Asst 3.

Heteroskedasticity etc.

Study Questions for the final exam.

Responses for study questions for the final exam.

Assignment 4, due in Tutorial or in TAs office week of 30 Nov

Review Session.

Final Exam Second Sitting