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Ergodicity and the History of Neoclassical Theory
by Geoffrey Poitras
This is one of many versions of a paper that, at one unnamed journal, went three rounds of review only to be rejected. Oddly enough, a paper with surprisingly similar content appeared in the same journal a few years later!

Measuring Port Efficiency: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis
by Geoffrey Poitras, Jose Tongzon and Hongyu Li
This paper was written while I was visiting NUS. After I left there were logistical problems and the paper did not have enough author contact to get resubmitted.

Potential Biases in Using Student Evaluations as Summative Teaching Performance Measures for Business Faculty
by Geoffrey Poitras and George Blazenko.
This paper has detailed information about the teaching evaluation results in the SFU FBA.

by Geoffrey Poitras, Forrest Young and Ameen Talib
This paper was revise and resubmit at the Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting but did not get finished.

ARMAX Modeling of Term Structure Supply Effects: Theory and Some Evidence for Canada
by Geoffrey Poitras
This paper is a theoretical and empirical development on my Ap.Ec. (1989) paper.

Semigroup Properties of Arbitrage Free Pricing Operators
by John Heaney and Geoffrey Poitras
This mathematical paper that examines the properties of the semigroup of pricing operators was too far ahead of its time.

From Commercial Arithmetic to Life Annuities: The Early History of Financial Economics, 1478-1776
by Geoffrey Poitras
This is the paper that eventually became my "Early History" book.

Distributions for Diffusions Subject to Constant Reflecting Barriers: A Decomposition Result
by John Heaney and Geoffrey Poitras
This mathematical paper provides the basic theory for the decomposition of the transition probability density into an ergodic and a transitory component.

Hedging and Crop Insurance
by John Heaney and Geoffrey Poitras
Despite the title, this paper is an early version of the Managerial and Decision Economics paper, and is only somewhat related to the paper of the same name that I published in the Journal of Futures Markets in 1994.

Public Choice, Government Debt Management and the Minimization of Interest Costs
by Geoffrey Poitras
This paper was started while I was working at the Bank of Canada and has gotten lost in the shuffle as my research orientation has changed.