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The internet is an essential resource, both for research and teaching. The internet also changes over time and links on this page may go stale. In the past few years there have been numerous important links appear, such as those for different professors. This is in addition to the numerous sites which have been established for some time, such as those for the government agencies like the CFTC, SEC and Board of Governors. The various futures exchanges have also greatly increased on line presence.

All this leaves the web site developer with a difficult task of organizing the various sites in some fashion and in keeping up with stale links. The decision here was to use functionality to classify sites.

A conscious attempt has been made to avoid sites which require payments, have an elaborate subscriber format and the like. Freedom to navigate has been a guide.
However, it can happen that a once free site become a subscriber/pay site and these sites do appear.
(Thanks to all those responsible for providing some useful links.) For those coming from pages using frames and wanting a full page (w/o the split screen), change your URL to

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General Web sites

Bloomberg This was an excellent site for quotes and other market data until it was changed in April 2003. The site is still very good, but is no longer the standard. Good for quotes on ADR's, US Mutual Funds and US reference interest rates.
See the excellent Globe Investor link (also in the Security Analysis Research links below) for an indepth source of Canadian and US stock price quotes and other info. Good for charting interface, quick access to key financials for three year horizon, Canadian companies. This site is part of the Globe and Mail site. If you also want to see the news and other information use Globe and Mail Another excellent site (thanks Ray). Good coverage of stocks, commodities, foreign stocks and news items.
The Financial Post website One of Canada's premier financial newspapers.
Another good site for Canadian (and other) stock information is Canada Stockwatch
Report on Business TV, now Business News Network Website for the popular TV show. Follow the links under 'Market Call' to find analysts picks.
Financial Times (UK) This is an excellent site to get quotes for exchanges outside the US and Canada -- as well as for US and Canadian exchanges. Check this site when looking for info on ADR's.
Yahoo Finance A great collection of sites on all things Finance. See for an alternative link to the same info Yahoo1 or Yahoo2 This last link is useful for obtaining historical data. Yahoo 4 . Another good way of accessing Yahoo.
Google Finance Google it!
CNBC Lots of material here, similar to Bloomberg.
Institutional Investor Some general news and lots of Institutional Investor info.
Reuters The website for the premier market information service. See also Reuters Money Net
Nightly Business Report website
Business Week Contains most of the magazine content.
CBS Marketwatch
Canadian Business Excellent source of Canadian content. Like the others with a more advanced flavor.
Dow if there is a time-out see also the Dow-Jones main site
Milano Finanza Italy's daily financial newspaper. This is a search engine dedicated to finding information on businesses, products and the like.
Sector profiles page for TSX listed stocks Look under Listings.

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Academic Web Sites

Due to movement of places and people, these sites do change or go down. This list was last updated on Jan 15/03. Not all academic sites are listed in this section. For example, the John Hull site is under Derivatives Securities and Edward Altman is under Fixed Income.

People (in alphabetical order)
Nicholas Barberis, downloads for some papers in behavioral finance.
Laurence Booth Laurence is one of Canada's leading Finance researchers. There are some data links here.
Don Chance There are excellent links at this site and a wealth of teaching note material, thank you Don
Andreas Christofi
Robert Daigler's Derivatives Links
Damodaran On-Line
Ian Giddy See also
Campbell Harvey This site has financial calculator routines and other good stuff.
Robbie Jones Check out all the interesting material under the readings section of Teaching link.
Philippe Jorion Of particular interest, click on courses and then the Orange County Value-at-Risk link.
Margrabe's Links Bill is the one who introduced the exchange option.
Bernt Odegaard This site has a wealth of information on computers and computer applications in Finance.
N. Roubini Excellent site for information on the financial crisis and lots of other stuff.
Mark Rubinstein In-the-Money Glossary and Lots of Links.
Robert Shiller Has good on-line data link.
William Sharpe The publications link is a great source of reading materials for Security Analysis.
Rene Stulz from the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State.

Rotman School at U. of Toronto Check out the links page.
NYU Research site Lots and lots of links.
Directory of Finance Researchers
Columbia Finance See also the Heilbrunn Center for Graham and Dodd Investing at the Columbia GBS.
Columbia Economics
The Dice Center at OSU The road to the OSU faculty
Berkeley Finance Follow this link to the various Berkley web pages. This site is not so great, the UCLA one is better ...
UCLA Finance Lots of good people here.
University of Illinois Office for and Options Research Good info on agricultural futures and options.
Actuarial Science and Statistics at SFU SFU has actuarial science ... good info and links.

Attempts at some sites are not always successful. Yale, for example, has a site which is difficult to navigate directly to finance people, with the best link being to the International Center for Finance, see
Yale School of Management
This link for the International Center provides lots of excellent information of interest to those working in the history of financial economics.

NOTE: The Rubinstein link contains links to a number of Stanford sites, including the Bill Sharpe site. There are also links to what Rubinstein thinks are the "Best" Finance sites and lots of useful information on derivatives.

Nobel Laureates for 1990 From ... the information for Harry Markowitz, Merton Miller and William Sharpe, the winners in 1990. See also the History of Finance link on the American Finance Association webpage for video clips of interviews with Markowitz, Sharpe, Samuelson, Merton and Scholes.
Knowledge at Wharton Check out the Finance and Investment link.
The Ohio State clip and video library
FEN/SSRN This is the Financial Economics Network link at the Social Science Research Network site. FEN and SSRN are invaluable sources for research paper downloads, job posting and the like. This may be the best single research site for financial economics on the Web.
FinWeb Maintained by James Garven, this has lots of useful academic links.
ICPSR The Inter-University Consortium on political and social research. There is a link here to a publication archive which is a useful source of data.
Ibbotson and Associates Now a division of Morningstar, Ibbotson and Associates is a terrific source for information on risk and return calculations.
A site with links to almost all relevant publication outlets in Finance.

Risk Management and Derivatives Sites
Moody's Risk Management Check out Investor Services.
RiskMetrics This site links with a conference, but there is copies of papers and the like. A useful starting point for real options research .
Applied Derivatives Trading A free online journal for derivatives trading. Lots of great stuff here.
ContingencyAnalysis This site is dedicated to risk management. It is a business site but there is enough academic material to warrant recognition.

Peter Bernstein's site Formerly, editor of the Journal of Portfolio Management. There is an interesting links page here that contains some obscure but useful investment company sites.

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There has been a dramatic and ongoing convergence of exchanges since 2000. As the convergence process is ongoing, some of the links below may become outdated.

Derivative Security and Commodity Focus
US and Canadian Exchange Web Sites
Chicago Board of Trade (now CME)
Chicago Mercantile Exchange and IMM
Chicago Board Options Exchange
NYMEX Also has COMEX, 'Two Divisions, One Marketplace
Now part of CME Group.
New York Board of Trade Includes the Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa Exchange and others. Now part of the
Intercontinental Exchange (the ICE) . The ICE acquired the International Petroleum Exchange in 2001.
The ICE was established in May 2000 to enter the OTC market for trading energy derivatives. In 2013, ICE acquired NYSE Euronext and the Singapore Mercantile Exchange in 2014. More info about ICE can be found at here.
Mid-America Commodity Exchange
Minneapolis Grain Exchange
Winnipeg Commodity Exchange Now part of ICE as ICE Futures Canada.
Montreal Exchange
Merged with the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2008 to form TMX group.

Exchange Industry Sites

The Institute for Financial Markets This site is not an exchange site, but is the best site for futures data (at a price). The Institute (formerly the Futures Industry Institute) is part of the The Futures Industry Association
World Federation of Exchanges
The Securities Industry Association Created in 1972 from merger of Association of Stock Exchange Firms and the Investment Bankers Association.

There are also a number of sites which have more complete listing of exchanges --- in case you did not find what you want listed. For example, see the Wahoo by Gibbons Burke.

Foreign Exchanges
London International Financial Futures Exchange Now part of NYSE Euronext.
Milano Italia Borsa Now part of LSE group.
MATIFNow part of NYSE Euronext.
The London Metals Exchange
EUREX Frankfurt Part of Deutsche Boerse Group
The Hong Kong Exchange
The Singapore Exchange
Australian Securities Exchange
Tokyo Stock Exchange
The London Stock Exchange
The Tokyo Grain Exchange

International Stock Exchanges
The New York Stock Exchange Merged with Euronext in April 2007 to form NYSE Euronext The AMEX was acquired in April 2008. NYSE Euronext was acquired by ICE in 2013.
This exchange merged with OMX AB to form NASDAQ OMX group in Nov. 2008.
Toronto Stock Exchange (TMX Group) TMX attempted to become international with a proposed 2010 merger with LSE but was unsuccessful.
Philadelphia Stock Exchange is also part of NASDAQ OMX.
Yahoo site for Canadian Exchanges Toronto Stock Exchange, ME, etc.
OR, go to the TSX
See also the SIMEX and Hong Exchange links under Foreign Futures and Options Exchanges for the links to the Hong Kong and Singapore stock exchanges.
OTC markets Check out OTCQX, OTCQB and the Pink Sheets.

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Sites for Derivative Securities and Risk Management (BUS 818/419/316)

In addition to these sites there are also important listings in the Risk and Derivatives subsection of the Academic sites section which contains RiskMetrics, Moody's Risk Management and other sites.

Risk Glossary This site contains a useful glossary of terms relevant to derivative securities. There is also a VaR discussion and some other material.
RiskGrades From the RiskMetrics Group. An excellent site for credit risk modeling. Lots of downloadable articles.
Links to Derivatives Sites on the Web From Don Chance
Futures and Options Resources on the Web This site is a must see, lots of links to exchanges and other stuff.
Eurobondonline Lots of links to derivative prices, analysis and the like.
Futures Industry Association Not much here but the members link has almost all sites listed both companies and exchanges
A better link to Futures Industry Association This link is also given in the Futures Exchange list above.

Global Association of Risk Professionals Also listed below under industry certification sites.
Edu-Risk International An educational outfit with useful articles for download about swap pricing and accounting.

Futures Magazine Has a listing of current and past issues of this magazine. Lost of practitioner material here.
Risk Magazine This magazine is an industry favorite.
Financial Engineering News The Financial Engineering News is publication that bridges the gap between quantitative Finance journals and practitioners of financial engineering. Lots of good stuff here, goes well beyond a PR site for the publication.
Risk and Insurance The magazine/journal

NUMA An excellent general resource site.
SMOTASS Another excellent resource site.

Quantfinancejobs For those wanting information about the types of jobs that are available in quantitative finance and risk management.

A site with lots of material about Value at Risk Another good site with lots of material about risk management.
The Risk Management Guide Test your knowledge.

Economic Research Service of the USDA Useful information about the agricultural commodities. See for example, Farm Risk Management
Risk Management Solutions Great site for weather risk, terrorism risk, infectious disease risk.

An acadmic site with some reading literature and other information is the Paul Wilmott site . This site has recently evolved into a competitor for Risk Magazine.
There is also the site for John Hull author of the best selling derivatives text and numerous important articles on derivatives.
The Kevin Dowd site also has some useful information.
See also the sites which appear under the Academic Sites such as the Rubinstein, Daigler and Chance sites and the sites which appear under Futures and Options Exchanges such as the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Finally, there are a number of interesting sites under the Software sites .

Industry Association links From the GARP site.

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Government Agencies and Regulators

US Sites
US Dept. of Agriculture
The US Treasury Dept
US Bureau of Public Debt Division of US Treasury
The Board of Governors of the FRS
The New York Fed
US Government Accountability Office Check out links with a finance connection, e.g., TARP and Problems in Financial Markets.

Canadian and Foreign Sites
Bank of Canada
Ontario Securities Commission See also the interesting OSC educational website Investor Education which has lots of helpful introductory information, including details on scams and the like.
British Columbia Securities Commission
Canadian Securities Administrators A forum for the 13 Canadian securities regulators. Useful investor information link.
Department of Finance Canada Good for information on financial markets and institutions and for economic and fiscal information.
Bank of England
Monetary Authority of Singpore
Hong Kong Monetary Authority
Reserve Bank of Australia
European Central Bank
The International Monetary Fund
The Bank for International Settlements
The World Bank Some info on bond issues.

To register a corporation or partnership in BC or to obtain information about a numbered BC corporation go to BC Business Registry . This site provides info on how to search for information on numbered companies (though this information may not be a detailed as common sense would seem to dictate.).

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Sites for Fixed Income Research

Lots of links Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA) formerly the Bond Market Association . Great stuff.
FINRA bond Site This FINRA site is an evolution of NASD, a key venue for bond trading. Navigate through the bond information link to find bond quote and other information. There is a direct link on this site (scroll down) to a bond quote service provided through Morningstar.
Bonds online Good for quotes and lots of other information -- a top site.
International Capital Market Association Useful information about international fixed income markets.
International Swap Dealers Association Best source for international swap transactions info.
Great site for Canadian bond info online. Click on the quote link.

The GNMA site Ginnie Mae.
FNMA site Fannie Mae.
Freddie Mac Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.
Sallie Mae Student Loan Marketing Association (SLM Financial Corp.).
History for the Public Securities Association Producers of the PSA prepayment benchmark model was incorporated in 1976 and in 1997 changed its name to the Bond Market Association and, later, to SIFMA. This site has a good educational resources section.
The Fixed Income Clearing Corporation For those interested in information about clearing operations in the fixed income markets.

PIMCO This is the site for the largest bond fund firm in the world. Lots of info and market commentary (including Paul McCulley).
Kidder Reports This site is more general than just fixed income but there is lots of fixed income material here.

The international bond trading site MTS Group
Another good site with lots of links is
See also the links to the ratings agencies and the Yardeni site (under BUS 417/902 links) as well as the Federal Reserve and Treasury under government agencies and the ISDA under trade associations.

There are also sites that provide lots of information about mortgages A great site for information on default risk.

For those interested in bond trading information Bondsonline is an excellent place to start.

There are also good academic and almost academic sites such as those for Frank Fabozzi and Edward Altman .

Sites for Security Analysis (BUS 417/902) Research

A number of the General Sites at the start of the links page are good places to begin a search for company information. Globe Investor and, for example, are very useful. Some of the sites listed under BUS 315 below can be useful, e.g., the brokerage house sites. The sites in the following list typically have much more detail on either specific topics or general applications. While websites for publicly traded companies do have key filings, the definitive sites for filings with the OSC and SEC are SEDAR (OSC) and EDGAR (SEC)

Zacks This is something of a source site which is linked to by many other stock research pages ... a must look.
Globe and Mail site Go to the business part. An all round great site.
The James Cramer from 'Kudlow and Cramer' runs this site. Definitely worth a visit . See also the companion site Mad Money (look a few lines down for the links to Cramer's Mad Money show).
Investor's Edge . A site like Globe investor -- good news format.

Berkshire-Hathaway website This site has lots of interesting information about the 'Warren Buffett' approach to security analysis. The annual report of Berkshire is one of the must reads for those interested in value investing.

Cramer's Mad Money From the original "Booyah" man Good articles, not all advice is free. See also a related site Louis Navellier's blue chip growth Good for researching stocks.
Bloomberg's "Markets" magazine Insightful articles for download.
Free site for annual reports
The Value Line Site All kinds of useful information here ... quotes, links to sites for information, articles, etc.

Motley Fool For an alternative perspective.
Muddy Waters An excellent site for those wanting insights on stocks to short sell and fundamental insights on valuation. Thank you Carson Block!
The Hedge Hog This is definitely an alternative site -- not run by 'professionals' -- check out the links page. Worth a visit.

There a number of sites associated with the rating agencies:
S and P Index Services . For a direct link to information about S&P 500 earnings and dividends see S&P and click on Index Highlights.
S and P Main Site Has ratings stuff, risk services, etc.
Moody's Main Site
Fitch Ratings
Weiss Ratings Weiss is not like the other ratings services. It is more of an investment advisor/ratings agency. Well worth a visit.
Demotech, Inc. Specializes in rating insurance companies and HMO's.
A.M. Best Another rating agency for insurance companies.
The Dow Jones Site

The ratings agency sites are not as useful as intuition might suggest. There is definitely a pay for services element to these sites.

More specialized sites:

Metal Pages This site provides information about the pricing and other aspects of metals that are not available through exchanges and other sources, e.g., rare earths. Much of the pricing information is subscriber based.
From the SEC, follow the links.
The National Venture Capital Association Primarily concerned with US venture capital firms..
Grow Think Research A market research firm that specializes in tracking and analyzing venture capital activity.
Yardeni's site This is excellent for all the macroeconomics background.
(This site is now on subscription basis, try The Conference Board for similar results).
Alpha-week Site for information on hedge funds, MARhedge absorbed into Institutional Investor, Alpha Hedge.
See also Van Hedge Fund Advisors and Magnum Funds . and Hedge Fund Research Inc.
The Hedge Fund Association An international not-for-profit association of hedge fund managers.
Managed Funds Association "The voice of the alternative investment industry"

Report of the Presidential Task Force into the Collapse of Long Term Capital Management. Lots of background material here on hedge funds. If this site is down then try looking for the report on the Treasury site or the Board of Governors site.
The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Deals with the causes of the crash of 2008-09.

The sites above were/are free, there are also many, many sites which have any array of subscriber/login/whatever frontends which make these sites less friendly. Here are a few which could be examined:
Quicken see also Quicken investment help
Barchart A good site for inexpensive data.
Investors Intelligence

Sites for Charting and Technical Analysis
Sites for charting and technical analysis come and go, small sites get taken over or fail, larger sites change URLs or switch to a pay format. Don't be surprised if some of these links are stale. BigChart This is a charting site, not a subscribe site but has been put here because it is not as broad as some of the sites above.
BarCharts A traditional favourite.
Stock Chart Really nice looking charts. This is an excellent charting service that has lots of supplementary information about technical analysis. Site has moved or failed, this link is no longer active.
The Future Source site has been taken over by ICE and is now subscription based.
See also the Yahoo2 link in the General sites.
Clearstation Possibly the best site for technical indicators for equities. This site has been taken over by e*trade and now requires an e*trade account.
A site which is unclearly titled and has an odd history is Turtle This site has nothing to do with the turtle spread trade. For this group, a turtle is a follower of a trend trader known as Richard Dennis. Turtle trading sites have a considerable following and have spawned various interesting websites such as concerned with the history, description and the like for Dennis turtles.

Some Related and Useful Sites for Security Analysis Research
Deloitte and Touche site
T. Rowe Price
Public Registers Annual Report Service PRARS provides quick access to annual reports and other information.
SEDAR Great Canadian site for stock research.
EDGAR SITE This site has a friendly interface but is mostly fee-based. Much of the relevant info here can be found at other sites, e.g., the SEC site. This was once a Stern site but Edgar has moved to another place ... Edgar is excellent for getting SEC filing information.

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Sites for Introductory Investments (BUS 315) Research

All 315 students will benefit from examining many of the sites in other sections of this page. This process will reveal that many of the sites are functional and are designed for a different users than the intro Finance student. Sites which are more directly useful to BUS 315 students include:
Dow Theory Letters This is the connection to Dow Theory Letters, absorbed by adenforecast following the death of the acknowledged leading Dow theorist, Richard Russell.
Stingy Investor
Investopedia Lots of instructional material.
Personal Investing Info, from an American site
The Investor Education site from the OSC.
GlobeFund Information of management fees and performance of mutual funds, from Globe Investor.

The major US brokerage houses all have sites which offer similar services. One such is the See Charles Schwab, Morgan Stanley and Prudential
Smaller US brokerages include State Street which services mostly institutional clients.
There are similar sites for Canada, such as CI Funds
For a smaller,Canadian firm that produces excellent research see Salman Partners

There are sites for firms which provide specialized brokerage services for the dealer community, such as Tullett Prebon
The Telerate service that was a go-to place to get information about the specialized deal was absorbed by Reuters in 2005.

About A good getting started site with lots of useful information .
Finpipe Another good getting started site with a useful book reviews section.

So-called ethical investing has a number of sites Calvert and Ethical Funds Inc.
Related ethical investing sites include Social Investment Org.

A site for Financial bloggers

Sites for Industry Certifications

The financial services industry has a number of certifications which can be obtained. In Canada, there are a number of registration requirements applicable to provincial and national securites jurisdications. For example, National Instrument 31-103 Registration Requirements, Exemptions and Ongoing Registrant Obligations specifies a number of relevant exams and requirements in Part 3 Sec.3.1. For example, employment in the brokerage industry requires the employee to have passed the Canadian Securities Course Exam. This correspondence course is administered through the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI) The CSI also offers a number of other correspondence courses.

Though not required to obtain any specific job, many finance practitioners have obtained the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation which is a three level correspondence course given by the Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR)
In Canada, many individuals working in the banking industry have taken courses through the Canadian Securities Institute. One such course leads to the designation of Personal Financial Planner.
Other useful sites include: IFSE which is the educational arm of the Investment Funds Institute of Canada . The IFSE offers a number of courses mentioned in NI31-103. An illustration of registration requirements in British Columbia can be found at The BCSC Registration site In the US, a related course is offered by FINRA Certified Financial Planner
See also the Futures Industry Association under Futures and Options Exchanges sites listed above, for certification in the futures and options industry.
Canadian Institute of Chartered Business Valuators Established in 1971, leads to the CBV designation.
Mortgage Brokers Institute in BC offers certification courses. Brokers and Lenders CIMBL is the national organization representing Canada's mortgage industry. This site has information on the Accredited Mortgage Professional Designation (AMP).
Advocis Canada's largest membership association of financial advisors
Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) Offers the Financial Risk Managers program that leads to the FRM Certificate.

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Sites for International Finance (BUS 418) Research

International Finance Corporation A division of the World Bank, lots of data on Emerging Markets
Another emerging markets site
Vanguard Group Good site for information on international investing.
Information about ADR's From JP Morgan.
Links to information portals for various countries such as Greece, Russia and the like can be found in the Institutional Investor in the General Websites section.
Euromoney This is the premier magazine for international financial markets. FX quotes and market information. Has a pay element but still lots of useful free info.
FX empire -- excellent site for FX quotes
FX Day Trading .Com Day Trading is popular in the FX market. This site provides information about what this activity is all about.

Also check out the N.Roubini site listed above under Academic sites.
Digital Look This is a British oriented site that has lots of material on other European and global markets.
Links list for Japanese finance sites

Other Finance Sites

Trade Publications
Risk Magazine Has links to lots of other stuff.
Futures and Options Week
Futures Magazine
The Street

Associations, Trade Groups, etc.
International Swap Dealers Association
The Investment Company Institute Great source for info about mutual funds.
Financial Executives Institute International association of CFOs and other corporate high fliers.
American Association of Individual Investors There are some useful links here to articles as well as some analysis of stocks and mutual funds.
Global Association of Risk Professionals Worth a peek.
International Association of Quantitative Finance formerly International Association of Financial Engineers
National Futures Association This site has a good links page to various futures/commodity/stock exchanges. Look closely at the bottom of the page to find the link to the links.
Asia-Pacific Finance Association There are lots of links here, to academic sites in the area and the like. Good stuff for the Asia-Pacific Finance types.

The Rubinstein link up in Academic Sites has links to all the usual suspects, e.g., the American Finance Association, the Financial Management Association.

Sites with Financial Software

Fincad This is a financial software company, which has great products of industry standard. Programs work as Excel add-ons.
NAG Numerical Algorithms Group. Math software, compilers, 3-D visualization.
Markit Markit provides independent pricing, reference data, portfolio valuations and the like for the financial engineering industry.
Derivatives One Online Derivatives Pricing, over 50+ derivative valuation models including Swaps, Lookbacks and Forward Start Options. Aimed at the nonprofessional user.
The Mathematica Site There are numerous applications here that provide Mathematica code to perform untold numbers of applications. Serious finance researchers require the best software and Mathematica is an outstanding platform.
The Mathlab site An excellent alternative to Mathematica, widely used in Finance applications.
SciComp Inc A site for derivatives pricing "at the speed you need".
This calculator site is from Don Chance's site.
A Stock Evaluation/Calculator Website Useful for Security Analysis (BUS 417)

Open Office .org This is a free office productivity bundle that includes a wordprocessor, spreadsheet and presentation software. Not quite financial software, but worth a look and test spin.

For Accountants, Financial Historians and Actuaries

Accounting Sites
Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants There are some links here to research of interest to Finance. For accountants, click on links on the main web page to find links to almost all institutional accounting sites, both Canadian and international, e.g., the FASB site.
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Great sources for keeping up with institutional developments.
The FASB site
International Accounting Standards Board
Accounting Net Good source for up-to-date information on accounting changes and news.
Accounting Web Another excellent source of accounting information and news. Homepage for CFO magazine.
Association of Corporate Treasurers Good newsletters and the like.
New York Society of Financial Analysts
Center for Financial Research and Analysis This site has information of 'Financial Shenanigans'. It is a pay site but there is an academic link that is available for free.

For Accounting Historians and Financial Historians
Financial History Review Leading journal for Financial History.
Business History Review Publication of the Harvard Business School.
History of Political Economy A leading journal in the History of Economic Thought.
Journal of the History of Economic Thought Search title. Publication of the History of Economics Society.
For Accounting Historians
A primer on Accounting History From the US Association of Chartered Accountants. Click on the History of Accounting link.
Museum of American Financial History

Actuarial Sites
The Institute of Acturaries (UK) Check the Resource Centre link for information about the history of the Institute and actuarial science in general.
The Society of Actuaries (US)
Homepage for the SFU Actuarial Science Program
Be an
Canadian Institute of Actuaries
International Actuarial Association
Russian Actuarial Laboratory Excellent connection of links to international acturarial sites.
Actuarial News

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