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This links page is a source for finding information on on a wide variety of topics that are of interest in Business, Science and Religion (LS 812). Please click on the relevant index link below. The links are intended to cover a wide spectrum of ideas and viewpoints -- any suggestions for interesting additional URL's is appreciated (email ) . As the internet is an evolving project, links do change or disappear. If a link below does not activate or goes to a 'site for sale' link, some further searching for the link is required. This page is checked sporadically for such broken links, but it is likely there will be a few.


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Thanks to Richard S., Sandra R., Rob C., Robert K., Shannon H., Duane F., and John K. for providing some links.

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What is a Neo-Luddite?

"A true neo-Luddite is not against technological progress, per se. Rather, it is the inappropriate use of technology that concerns the neo-Luddite. For example, neo-Luddites are in favour of using the internet as a mechanism for transmitting ideas."

A classic example of a modern day neo-Luddite is David Suzuki who argues strongly against changes arising from the science of genetics, such as human cloning and genetically modified foods.

Some websites of interest to Neo-Luddites, as well as a number of other sites that could be considered to be contrary to neo-luddism, are given below.

Academic Websites

The SFU GLS website
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Public Broadcasting System Lots of articles and program information.
The William Morris site Highly recommended.
Institute for Social and Economic Research Evolved from the Bureau for Applied Social Research at Columbia University. A great site with a long pedigree.
Critical Thinking Consortium Useful classroom materials.
Peer Review from S.L. Forsdyke, has links to similar sites.
The Cato Institute.
Adam Smith Institute A modern right of center orientation via the UK.
The Fraser Institute
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
National Institute for Research Advancement This has a link to a large collection of think tank sites.
The CD Howe Institute
The Noam Chomsky site.
Speeches by Senators The search on Gender Issues is particularly interesting .
Who is Rose Friedman? Previously Friedman Foundation now evolved into (see the Legacy link)
Publisher with a focus on History of Ideas.
SFU Library link for information about using digital images

Wikipedia An online encyclopedia.

Some Research Sites
Ancient History Sourcebook
Medieval Sourcebook
Modern History Sourcebook
History of Ideas Dictionary
Victorian Web The authors link is a useful resource for the Victorian era, e.g., Arthur Conan Doyle and William Morris.

General Websites

The CBC site Lots of useful information.
Globalissues .org Check out the links page.
Daily Kos A site for interesting blogs.
ZMag, "The Spirit of Resistance Lives!" A community of people dedicated to social change.
Stop War .ca Check out the links section.
Secular Humanism The Free Inquiry Site .
American Humanist Association
Infidels .org
The Gnosis site
Adbusters and Media Carta
Creative Commons Devoted to expanding the range of creative work for others to build upon and share.
Ayn Rand .org
A yahoo search for Neo-Luddite.
Zygon Center Publishers of Zygon the journal of Science and Religion.
Templeton Foundation Press Books on Science and Religion
Shambhala Press Another publishing site for Science and Religion books.
Apologetics Index A site for research resources on sects, cults and religious movements.
The Skeptics dictionary

Scenewash On-line indy radio site with an interesting search engine and links to eclectic viewpoints. If you enjoy the game Monopoly, this site is an eye-opener.

Websites for Christian and Other Religious Organizations

Grace to You .org Site for the radio program of the same name.
Bahai World
Christian Classics Ethereal Library Christian books in electronic format.
New Advent Link for the Catholic Encyclopedia and other works. This site also has some good links.
True Catholic The doctrinaire Catholic perspective.
Daily Bible Study A bible study site.
A site dedicated to Tertullian The early Christian writer lived about 200 AD
Way of Life .org A Baptist site.
On-line Sunday School for adults
Religious Tolerance site
Site for Christian books Bibles, music, homeschool material, etc.

Also things for Christmas. Yes, there is information here about Santa.
Lots of links for kids at Christmas

Links to Revelation, Apocalyptic and Millenial Websites

Feminism and Other Issues

A Woman Economist
Stuff on Witches
Grace Hopper and Others
Women Take Over
Feminist Economics
Julie Matthaei
Linguarama -- Language Training for Business
Tiscali Reference

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