EASC 403 Quaternary Geology
EASC 410 Groundwater Geochemistry and Contaminant Transport
EASC 411 Terrain Analysis
EASC 413 Resource Geotechnics
EASC 416 Field Methods in Hydrogeology
EASC 418 Terrain Stability: Assessment and Mitigation
EASC 419 Forest Harvesting Technology
BISC 434 Paleoecology and Palynology
GEOG 412 Glacial Processes and Environments
GEOG 414 Climatology III
GEOG 417 Soil Science II
GEOG 611 Hydrology
GEOG 612 Glacial Geomorphology
GEOG 613 Fluvial Geomorphology
GEOG 614 Climatology
GEOG 615 Quaternary Environments
GEOG 617 Soil Science
GEOG 651 Advanced Spatial Analysis and Modelling
GEOG 653 Theorectical and Applied Remote Sensing
GEOG 655 Advanced Principles of Geographic Information Science
GEOG 656 Aerial Reconnaisance for Remote Sensing