Economics 460  Seminar in Energy Economics
Spring 2013

Course Outline

Course: Econ 460


Title: Seminar in Energy Economics


Semester: Spring 2013


Instructor: Richard Harris


Description: This course will cover a number of major topics related to the energy sector in Canada and globally.  This will include the issue of Peak Oil and geological models of oil discovery, theories of exhaustible resource depletion, the role of storage and uncertainty in oil and gas pricing, distribution networks in energy systems, competition and deregulation in the electricity sector,  transition to renewable energy, taxation in the energy sector, global warming and carbon taxes vs. cap and trade systems.  If time permits the course will also cover the current economic state of the tar sands in Canada and the recent shale gas boom in North American.

Grading:  Students will be required to do 2 in class presentations.  The first presentation will be a policy briefing on a current energy policy issue to be assigned in the first week of class and will be in the format of a powerpoint presentation.  The 2nd presenation will be based on their course essay based on a topic of their own choosing subject to the instructors approval.  The essay will be due at the end of the semester and is approximately 5000 words in length.  Their will also be two one hour midterms (short answer style exam).  There will be no final exam.

Grade distribution:

Policy briefing:                                     15%

Essay Topic Presentation                    15%

Final Written Essay                             30%

Midterms                                             40%

Required Text:  Subhes C. Bhattacharyya,  Energy Economics, Springer 2011


Prerequisite: Economics 201 (or 301) and 305.