Production and Cast:
Randy Panopio: Head Cinematography, Screenwriter
Paulo Carlos Head Editor, Narrator, Actor - Police
Garry Sharma: Actor - Mountain Man, Set and Costume Design
Film Duration: 7:02

Awards: IAT 202 Fall 2016
2nd Best Film
Best Cinematography


A young man has been off the grid for 7 long years. Living isolated in a remote forest, He survives through theft and scavenging for supplies. After seeing something that reminds him of his past, he reaches a breaking point and questions his reasoning for living alone so long. As he begins his first steps back into society, he gets caught by law enforcement that has been chasing him for so long.


This film is roughly based from the true story of the “North Pond Hermit”, who lived with no human contact for 27 years. We wanted to create an atmospheric driven film and since we had a small limited team, we decided to go through a film focusing a single character.

Moodboard and Storyboard - used as guidelines for tone and cinematography of the film

Our production schedule first began with finding and writing out our story and rough script and drafts of our storyboards on the first week. This followed three weeks of filming and changes in our initial storyboards and a final week of minor reshoots and final editing.

Our group faced many challenges during our production, mainly our lack of manpower regarding our scope, and issues of scheduling. When we began this project, we were very eager regarding the execution of the film and perhaps were too ambitious since we had to mainly rely on us three on completing the project. This compounded with team members being very busy and all living in different cities.

These issues reflected on our final production, however given our circumstances we were generally satisfied with the result.

Production Stills


This project was a fun experience that managed to blow our peers’ expectations and even our own expectations. We were able to fully execute our project goal and really bonded as a team. With the project’s upsides, it also has its own downsides. We were concerned with various issues such as a subpar costume and makeup design, inconsistencies with some shots, and some video quality issues. The one major issue was our editing and mismatch colour grading. This affected how we wanted our scenes to feel, and stemmed from a technical issue of using very different cameras.

Overall our group was satisfied with Mountain Man and was quite surprised on how decent it turned out despite many setbacks.