Alan Rudrum
Professor Emeritus

Simon Fraser University
Department of English


BA (London), Ph.D (Nottingham)



My statement in Contemporary Authors reads as follows: “Looking back at my work to date after twenty-five years as a university teacher, I see a three-fold pattern:  I have tried, as in my work on Henry and Thomas Vaughan, to do the kind of fundamental scholarly and critical work that can be said to advance knowledge; I have tried, as in my small books on Milton, to write sound and intelligent criticism aimed at people who are not, or not yet, professional scholars, and to convey my own pleasure as a reader; and I have tried to confront the difficulties of the academic profession in our time, as in my report to Kent State University, commissioned by the American Association of University Professors and published in 1969; and my report “Unemployment and Under-Employment of Qualified University Teachers of English in Canada,” published  by the Association of Canadian University Teachers of English, 1979.”


Festschrift: Of Paradise and Light: Essays on Henry Vaughan and John Milton in honor of Alan Rudrum, ed. Donald Dickson and Holly Faith Nelson, Associated University Presses, 2004.





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