Shahram Amiri

School of Mechantronic Systems Engineering
Simon Fraser University
250-13450 102 Avenue
Surrey, BC, V3T 0A3, Canada
T: +1-778.782.9773


I am an adjunct professor at SFU. My profesinal interests revolve around inventing new engineering solutions to complex clinical problems. I am engineer/professor/entrepreneur in search for making the links between science, engineering, and business with the aim to sustainably tackle important clinical problems and positively impact the quality of life of patients. I was born in Tehran, Iran, in 1975. I have a doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University. Prior to his academic positions, I worked in design engineering job in various medical and engineering firms. In the last decade I have enjoyed working closely with physicians and surgeons on innovative computer assisted and radiology technologies. Besides professional life, I am also a nature enthusiast and love leaving the city for exploring the nature.


My research interests are in the areas of design and development of medical device, orthopaedic biomechanics, and computer assisted radiology & surgery. Signal processing is the science behind our digital life. In our work, we closely collaborate in a multi-desciplinary projects with clinical scientistics, and orthopaedic surgeons to solve problems related to how to best solve technical challenges in a complex time-pressured environment of operating theatres.

Quantitative Intra-operative Imaging

In many surgical procedures it is critically important to have accurate assessment of the position and shape of the operative anatomy and to be able to monitor the position of the surgical hardware accordingly during the operation. Intraoperative x-ray imaging using C-arm fluoroscopy equipment is a very commonly used method for acquiring real time radiographs in the operating room for this purpose. There is a great potential for impact for a technology that can better utilize these very broadly available equipment for accurate three-dimensional quantitative decision-support feedback during surgery. Read more

Smart Surgical Jigs

Proper alignment of the acetabular cup is one the most important factors related to complications after primary and revision total hip arthroplasties. Although prior surgical navigation and robotic techniques have shown high precision and a narrow range of variations from the planned target and “safe zone”, these systems may place the implant in precise-but-incorrect positions since they do not account for patient-specific variability in pelvic/spine postures with respect to functional references. As a way forward, the Smart Jigs takes an alternative approach by providing assistance in only the position-sensitive tasks during an operation by means of simple mechanical jigs that can be adjusted into position according to the intra-operative image analysis.Read more

Surface-Guided Knee Prosthesis

Restoring the physiological motions of the knee joint after arthroplasty is critical for reestablishing natural and efficient musculoskeletal functions and long-term implant longevity. However, restoration of natural kinematics has not been prioritized by most conventional designs of the prosthesis. In this project experiments on cadaveric tissues and computational modeling work used to better identify specific biomechanical roles of structural elements of the anatomy in guiding the passive motions of the knee joint.Inspired by these findings, as second part of the project an innovative design concept for a knee prosthesis was developed to compensate for structural deficiencies. Perliminary simulation and experiments on the prototype showed very promising.Read more

Selected publications
  • Osterhoff G., Amiri S., Unno F., Dodd A., Guy P., O’Brien P.J., Lefaivre K.A., (2015) The “Down the PC” view - A new tool to assess screw positioning in the posterior column of the acetabulum. Injury 46(8) , 1625-8
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  • Dargahi J., Najarian S., and Amiri S., (2003) Optimization of the geometry of total knee implant in the sagittal plane using FEA. Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering. 13(4), 439-449
  • Teaching

    As a part of my engagement with the university I have enjoyed teaching some mechanical engineering and design courses for undergraduate and graduate students, including 'Engineering Design', 'Machine Design', and 'Advanced Modeling and Prototyping'.

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