Chris D Shaw, Ph.D.

Associate Professor       Email:    shaw at

School of Interactive Arts and Technology

(Formerly at GVU Center + Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology , Georgia Tech)


Current Courses:

Research Lab

Research: Health Informatics and Personal Visualization

RAShips available! I am looking for talented
Computer Scientists and Designers
to research new Health Informatics systems to
help Patients and Doctors mutually communicate
needs and care plans. This will ultimately help
patients manage their chronic disease.

Research: New Technologies for Chronic Pain

RAShips available! I am looking for talented Informatics
people to research new Virtual Reality techniques and technologies
that help people with Chronic Pain manage their pain.
IMAS Interactive Multigenomic Analysis System
RAShips available! I am looking for talented Informatics
people to research new techniques for analyzing and interacting with
Biological Sequence Data, as well as other types of sequence data

Recent Courses:

Current Students

  • Ph.D.
  • Master's
    • Gary Ruoyu Li   working on visualizations for Sleep logging data
    • Amal Vincent   working on visualizations for Sleep logging data
  • Undergraduate
  • Alumni

  • Ph.D.
  • Master's
    • Mahshid Zeinaly     IMAS Multialignment Visualization
    • Saba Alimadadi     CZSaw Dependency Graph
    • Minoo Erfani (2008-2010)     Email Visualization & Analysis
    • Amit Kanwal (2005-2007) (Vadim Kyrylov co-sup)  A Gaming Framework for Modelling Competitive Service Industries
    • Eddie Hou (2005-2007) (Vadim Kyrylov co-sup)  Optimal Defensive Player Positioning with Collaboration in Digital Soccer Simulation
    • Robbie Foster (2003-2005)   3D Volume-Rendered Weather
    • Tazama U St Julien (2000-2005)   Firefighter Training Virtual Environment, Mobile Situational Visualization Joined Norfolk Southern in 2005
    • J. Y. Hong (2002-2004)   Zoomable Visualization of Bioinformatic Data
    • Brad P Kram (1999-2002)   Multiple Camera Considerations in a View-Dependent Continuous Level of Detail Algorithm Now at Blue Castle Games
    • James A Hall (1999-2002)   Visual Simulation of Candle Flames Now at Blue Castle Games
    • Dee Jay Randall (1998-2000)   3D Visualization Now at Blue Castle Games
    • Brook Bakay (1999-2000)   3D Visualization Now at BioWare, Edmonton
    • Carl Zhang (2005-2006)   IMAS: Metadata Facility
  • Undergraduate
    • Ciarán Llachlan Leavitt   BioInformatics Now UBC Computer Science Undergrad
    • Will Chao (2008)   Email Visualization Now at Grad School at UBC Computer Science
    • Johnny Ho (2007)   Strategy Game Development
    • Jason Chih (2007)   IMAS Layout Algorithms
    • Alex Tsai (2006)   IMAS Scene Graph Restructring
    • Qixia Athena Deng (2005-2006)   Bioinformatics: IMAS: Primer Design Integration Now at BC Genome Sciences Centre
    • Sharjeel Hooda (2005)   IMAS: TransTerm Integration Now at Emory School of Medicine
    • Justin Purdy (2005)   IMAS: Gene relationship Vis
    • Nirav Shah (2005)   IMAS: GeneBank sequence integration Now at Electronic Arts, California
    • Brian Henke (2004-2005)   IMAS: Primer Design
    • Fred "Buddy" Moore (2004-2005)   IMAS: Hmmer Visualization
    • Hemal Shah (2004-2005)   IMAS: Multialignment Visualization Now at Stanford Grad School/ Electronic Arts
    • Jeff Boyles (2004)   Mass Spec Visualization Now Senior Bologist at Eli Lilly in NC
    • Devin Cline (2004)   Mass Spec Visualization
    • Dusty Embrey (2004)   Mass Spec Visualization
    • Kyle Mahan (2004)   Mass Spec Visualization Now working in San Diego
    • Donko Jeliazkov (2004)   Simulation of Partial Blindness Virtual Environment Now at RISD/Brown University
    • Priyanka Karan (2004)   Simulation of Partial Blindness Virtual Environment Now a Project Manager at Sapient
    • Derrick Karimi (2004)   IMAS: Zoomable Navigation Now at ERDAS in Norcross, GA
    • Jessie Pledger (2004)   IMAS: GenBank data model
    • Miles Thomason (2004)   IMAS: Metabolic Networks Now CEO at Levia Software
    • Pravin "Pro" Bhat (2003)   Genie: Sequence Identity Plots Got PhD at U. Washington CS, Now at Weta Digital
    • Jee Choi (2003)   SFA Info Vis support
    • Dan Cunning (2003)   Fire Simulation: Rapidly culled fire & smoke Now at Hannon Hill Software
    • Andrew Drummond (2003)   IMAS: Blast visualization Now at Webroot Software
    • Vitaly Parnas (2003)   IMAS: Blast visualization Working in Chicago
    • John Goldis (2003)   GVis data management
    • Michael Turnley (2003)   GVis data management
    • Ahmad Sharif (2003)   GVis Sequence alignment visualization
    • Akshay Dayal (2002)   Fire Simulation data management, volume tree precomputation Now a Release Engineer at Google
    • Diana Blanshey (2002)   Zoomable Visualization with PAD++
    • Shannon Easley (2002)   Zoomable Visualization with PAD++
    • Ty Howard (2002)   Zoomable Visualization with PAD++
    • Ron Jacak (2002)   Multialigment Visualization Now at UNC Chapel Hill, getting Ph.D. in Biochemistry
    • David Meatte (2002)   Multialigment Visualization
  • Address:
    shaw at Phone: (778) 782-7506   Fax: (778) 782-7488
    Room 2819,
    250 - 13450   102 Ave
    Simon Fraser University Surrey
    Surrey, BC, Canada, V3T 0A3

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