Practice Mini Final Exam

Q1 Multivariate Visualization

Compare and contrast two common techniques for visualizing multivariate data: Scatterplots and Parallel coordinates. For each technique, identify the strengths and weaknesses in terms of the three following basic visualization tasks:

I would expect about a page for the answer for this. I would expect a paragraph per technique (perhaps with sketches), plus a paragraph per basic vis task.

Q2 Navigation

Define the terms scent, residue, and sensitivity / SI / SM, and explain how they are supported during the course of using Google to search for a movie theatre near your home.

I would expect a pair of small paragraphs per term.

Q3 Hierarchies

A station manager of a top 10 radio station has consulted you with the following visualization problem: The station manager doesn't want to just rely on call-in data or radio consultants to discover what's hot. Instead, the manager wants to use iTunes download data to discover what's rising and falling in popularity across Canada and in the USA.

The customer wants a visualization that shows trends of the 100 most popular songs, organized by genre and region.

Sketch visualization approach that would help the customer see the song trends as they emerge day by day. Accompany this with a paragraph or two explaining how it would work.