Your final grade is made up of three major components, homework assignments, a small project, and a final exam. The weighting of these components is described below.

Students are expected to do their own work at all times and to follow the university's codes of academic conduct. Cases of suspected collaboration or cheating will be immediately forwarded to the Dean of Students, and will be pursued to resolution. This is an unpleasant process for all involved, so please do not put yourself in this situation.
Grading is determined by a term-long accumulation of points, weighed in percentage as stated for each component as summarized below. Determinations of the individual category breakdowns will be determined by looking for gaps or clumps in the final averages.

Homework Assignments
The regular homework assignments will be substantive and you will have 1-2 weeks to do them. I anticipate giving around six of these. These regular homeworks will be worth 35% of your grade. Individual values will be determined later, althouch the easier assignments get less weight.

Vis Journal
I also expect you to contribute to a visualization Journal

One month-long project will be given in this course. The project will be broken down into four parts, each around a week in duration. The project will have you develop a small information visualization tool. The assignments will have you design the tool, and then build and evaluate it. The report that you turn in should be presented professionally, and should stress grammatical correctness and clarity. It will be submitted via on paper, with supplementary material via the Web. You will be judged on your originality, innovativeness, quality of writing, and correctness. Further details will accompany each assignment.

The quizzes will cover the lecture materials and the readings. I expect you to have a basic grasp of these materials and of all parts of your assignments and your project. You should be familiar with what went on in each aspect of your project.

Below is presented the weight of the different course components toward your final grade.

Component    Weight
Assignments   50%
Project InfoVis Proposal, Design, Build & Demo   20%
Quizzes   30%