Siniša Kolarić

Siniša Kolarić, PhD

School of Interactive Arts and Technology
Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada
Sinisa Kolaric

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Hi, welcome to my home web page at SFU. I'm a designer/researcher active in computational design, CAD, interaction design, and design-based research.

Short Bio

I'm a native of Varaždin, Croatia. I obtained my BSc degree in mathematics (with emphasis on theoretical computer science) from the University of Zagreb (Department of Mathematics), in Croatia, my MSc degree in computer science (with emphasis on computer graphics and vision) from the Pontifical Catholic University (Department of Computer Science), in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and my PhD degree (with emphasis on computational design/CAD and design-based research) at SIAT, Simon Fraser University, BC, Canada, under the supervision of professors H. Erhan and R. Woodbury.


My Curriculum Vitae in PDF format.

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