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Fwd: Monsanto-Director-Statistics-lead

At this time Monsanto has an opportunity available for a Statistical Genetics Director/Lead.
We will consider individuals with a background in:
Statistical Genetics (Plant, Animal or Human)
That are willing to apply their skills in the agricultural industry. We are willing to relocate internationally for this high profile opportunity. Our opportunity is located in Ankeny, Iowa.
If you are interested in this opportunity or have referrals, please reach contact me at 314-694-4387 or e-mail me at ceneal@monsanto.com for more information. All inquiries will receive immediate attention.
Did you know?
Monsanto was voted as “Company if the Year” in 2009 by Forbes magazine
Monsanto was voted as the second best company to work for in the world by Science magazine.
All new employees that join Monsanto receive Growth Shares?
Monsanto employees receive a 401K and Pension.

Cathy Neal

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