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Re: Data Scientist Job Posting

I’m sorry that I accidentally edited out the contact information.  Please contact Sheryl Groeneweg directly if interested:  

 "Groeneweg, Sheryl (IC)" <sheryl.groeneweg@canada.ca>

On Oct 19, 2017, at 10:16 AM, David Campbell <dac5@sfu.ca> wrote:

See below;

As you may be aware, I’ve changed positions here within Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.  My new role is Director General of the Manufacturing and Life Sciences Branch.  I’m really pleased at the connections that have been put in place between the Big Data Initiative and my old home in the Results and Delivery Unit. I was hoping that I might tap into your insights and talent pool once again, as I am now seeking a data scientist/analyst to carry out some related work within my new Branch. 
I’ve attached the poster that my folks have put together.  As you’ll notice, the posting has been left fairly open – start dates and salary are flexible, as are types of employment (e.g., full time, part time, short term contracts, etc.). This will depend on availability, experience, and the preferences of applicants. I foresee a potential student or recent grad primarily as being responsible for data scraping to help us better report on performance across the manufacturing and life science sectors, and working closely with the Hadoop team out of the RDU to develop data sets and perform analyses.

<Job description - Data Scientist OCT 16.pdf>