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Fwd: Health Canada jobs

Graduating SFU students at all levels and other job seekers may be interested in this.  If you feel that this describes you, feel free to send your CV to Associate Dean Peter Ruben at his address below.  (I am not involved in this process, other than to pass the information along.)


From: "Peter Ruben" <pruben@sfu.ca>
To: sci-chairs@sfu.ca
Sent: Wednesday, January 17, 2018 8:56:50 AM
Subject: Health Canada jobs

Dear Chairs,

Tania Bubela, Dean of FHS, tells me that Health Canada is looking for “high-achieving graduates studying health sciences, biology and chemistry, big data analytics, and public policy.” Dean Bubela is collecting and forwarding CVs to her contacts at Health Canada. If you know of potential candidates, you can have them send their CVs to me.


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