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Full-time position in Finance at Bishop's University

Please refer to the message below if interested.

The Williams School of Business has posted a full-time position in the field of finance. As many mathematicians do develop an expertise in finance, this may be an opportunity that some of your members are ready to consider. If I may, I invite you to circulate the job ad among your members.

Here is the link to the description of the position:

Sincere Thanks,

Francine Turmel, Ph.D., EMBA, FCPA auditor, FCA, ASC
Williams School of Business
Bishop’s University
Tel.: (819) 822-9600, extension 2622

Here is an extract of the report of the NIBS Reaccreditation Team upon their visit of the WSB in October 2017:

“The need for virtually all students to form new social relationships when they arrive on campus, coupled with the lack of a dominant local student population, makes it much easier for the school to achieve a genuine sense of community. There is little sense of local “in-group” and non-local “out-groups” as is common in many other universities. Due to the diversity of students’ and faculty’s geographic origins, there is a general, and very pleasing, international environment which the Team found to be positive and inclusive” 

Sanjeev Seahra
Director of AARMS [aarms.math.ca]
Associate Professor [www.math.unb.ca/~sseahra]
Department of Mathematics & Statistics
University of New Brunswick (Fredericton)