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Fwd: [d-ssc] BC Public Service Career Opportunity-Program Evaluation Analyst

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From: "Arkinstall, Jennifer PSA:EX" <Jennifer.Arkinstall@gov.bc.ca>
Subject: [d-ssc] BC Public Service Career Opportunity-Program Evaluation Analyst
Date: April 18, 2018 at 11:04:02 AM PDT


BC Ministry of Agriculture
Victoria, BC

Program Evaluation Analyst

Salary $61,665.45 - $70,367.02 annually

The Corporate Governance, Policy and Legislation Branch provides corporate resources, supports and services to/with: the Ministry’s senior executive and staff throughout the Ministry; other provincial ministries; and, federal departments through the intergovernmental relations function.  The branch also has responsibilities for federal/provincial/territorial (FPT) issues related to agriculture, seafood and fisheries, and trade.   

Reporting to the Senior Manager, the Program Evaluation Analyst coordinates program performance analysis and reporting for FPT cost-shared initiatives distributed throughout the Ministry.  Additionally, the position leads and participates in evaluations and performance analysis activities at the FPT level.

You are able to work effectively in a team environment, while also independently managing projects and tasks.   You are a skilled analytical thinker, an effective communicator, have excellent time management techniques, and thrive in a dynamic environment with evolving priorities. 


Qualifications for this role include:
·         Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration, Business Administration, Statistics, or equivalent.
·         Minimum two years experience in analyzing and evaluating program performance.

·         Minimum two years experience conducting statistical analysis.

For more information and to apply before May 7, 2018, please go to: https://bcpublicservice.hua.hrsmart.com/hr/ats/Posting/view/49461



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