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Fwd: [d-ssc] BC Public Service Career Opportunity-Senior Economist- Victoria

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From: "Arkinstall, Jennifer PSA:EX" <Jennifer.Arkinstall@gov.bc.ca>
Subject: [d-ssc] BC Public Service Career Opportunity-Senior Economist- Victoria
Date: October 15, 2018 at 10:57:16 AM PDT


Ministry of Children and Family Development 

Senior Economist

$67,418.93 - $77,019.79 annually plus 3.3% Temporary Market Adjustment

An excellent senior opportunity for a dedicated professional

Through its modelling and forecasting, analysis, performance measurement, evaluation and project management work the Modelling, Analysis and Information Management Branch provides quality information and advice to ministry decision makers that address the ministry’s policy, program and performance management needs. The work of the branch spans and serves the ministry’s six ministry service delivery areas (early childhood education and child care, child and youth special needs, child and youth mental health, child welfare and protection, adoptions and youth justice) and ministry support areas including quality assurance and finance.

The Senior Economist initiates, designs and implements complex statistical analysis and economic modelling projects. The projects and initiatives you manage also inform resource allocation decisions and contribute new knowledge to child and family issues. Your work helps define the Ministry’s strategic and policy direction, informs the Ministry’s service planning efforts, identifies opportunities for program and policy responses and directly impacts the goals, objectives and financial commitments of the Ministry. 

Qualifications for this role include:

·  Master’s Degree in Economics or another closely related field such as Statistics, Commerce, Mathematics, Business or Public Administration, or,
·  An equivalent combination of education and work experience.

A minimum 2 years of experience is required in each of the following:
·  Design and implementation of statistical analysis and economic modelling projects.
·  Analyzing complex problems from an economic perspective.
·  Providing clear, understandable expert advice to senior executives.
·  Managing complex projects for multiple clients on tight timelines.

·  Computer applications, including spreadsheets, database management, econometric software and SQL programming. 


For more information and to apply online by October 31, 2018, please go to: https://bcpublicservice.hua.hrsmart.com/hr/ats/Posting/view/54702




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