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Fw: Faculty position at UFV

From: mathstat head <mathstat.head@ufv.ca>
Sent: Tuesday, December 18, 2018 9:32:02 AM
To: Gamage Perera; Gamage Perera
Subject: Faculty position at UFV
Hi Harsha, 

I hope your semester is winding down nicely.  I'm contacting you as you're the BCcupms rep for SFU Stats.  Please let me know if there is someone who'd be better to contact about this.

At UFV, we're hiring a new full-time permanent position in stats this Winter, to begin next August.  Ideally, we're looking for someone with a PhD complete or near completion, with teaching experience at both lower-level and upper-level, specializing in data analysis (or at least more on the applied side of stats), and with some experience in statistical consulting.  Strength in some of these areas can make up for lesser experience in others, of course.  The official posting is here:

We will also be hiring two one-year full-time statistics faculty (LTA) appointments for the period August 2019-August 2020.  Although those positions aren't posted yet, the requirements will be close enough to those of the permanent position that applicants for the permanent position will automatically be considered for the LTA positions, without need for a second interview.  (Applications just for the LTA positions will also be welcome, once they're posted.)  We'll begin considering candidates for the full-time position on Jan 16.

Would you mind sharing this information with graduate and post-doc students at SFU who might be interested in applying?  If such notices usually go to students from the chair or from a graduate secretary, please forward this email, or let me know who I should contact.

Thanks, and best wishes for the holidays!

Dr. Ian Affleck
Department Head, Mathematics and Statistics
University of the Fraser Valley