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Fwd: [d-ssc] BC Public Service Agency career opportunity - Victoria

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From: "Arkinstall, Jennifer PSA:EX" <Jennifer.Arkinstall@gov.bc.ca>
Subject: [d-ssc] BC Public Service Agency career opportunity - Victoria
Date: January 4, 2019 at 8:42:13 AM PST

BC Public Service
Ministry of Health 

An opportunity to utilize your expert analysis and problem management skills

$61,665.45 - $70,367.02 annually

There are currently 2 positions available.

In the Ministry of Health, Economists play a key role in synthesizing, analysing and interpreting information.  Economists are involved in a wide range of analyses, from simple to complex, on topics that span the entire health care system. Working in a team, typically with cross-Ministry involvement, this position undertakes analyses to support the Ministry’s business and strategic planning, and decision-making.The role of Economist encompasses supporting the creation of economic forecasting models of major scope and complexity being developed by senior economists; identifying any intrinsic weaknesses in economic information/data and providing explanations of significant variation; and preparing presentations and written reports on complex information and analytical results for technical and non-technical audiences.

Qualifications for this role include:
·         Master’s Degree in Economics or directly related field and 1 year of *relevant recent experience OR
·         Bachelor’s Degree in Economics or directly related field and 3 years of *relevant recent experience OR
·         Diploma in Economics or directly related field and 5 years of *relevant recent experience OR
·         An equivalent combination of education/training and relevant recent experience may be considered.

*Relevant recent experience must include:

o    Experience conducting economic and statistical analysis.
o    Experience with data analysis applications: such as SAS, SQL
o    Experience in preparing and presenting the results of complex statistical and/or economic analysis to both technical and non-technical audiences; preparing briefs and communications materials.
For more information and to apply by January 23, 2019, please go to:
Attention: only applications submitted through the BC Public Service’s employment website (see link above) will be accepted.



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