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Subject: [d-ssc] Ludmer Centre neurostat. position


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We are seeking a creative and broad-thinking data scientist to collaborate with a dynamic team of early career investigators within the Ludmer Centre for Neuroinformatics & Mental Health (www.LudmerCentre.ca), at McGill University.  The Centre promotes the application of interdisciplinary, neuroinformatics approaches to research into brain development and neurological disorders and mental illness. You will be embedded within a global collaborative network in an open, dynamic, collegial and team-oriented environment. You will contribute to analyses of multi-omic datasets, development of new data integration tools and help advance pan-Ludmer research collaborations.


You will have a solid foundation in biostatistics and an interest in applying your statistical expertise across diverse datasets to answer fundamental questions on the developmental origins of mental health.  The role is best suited to someone who thrives in a fast-paced environment tackling varied challenges, with an abiding curiosity for neuroscience and mental health. The ideal candidate will also have a demonstrated commitment to mentorship and a talent for engaging trainees to bridge research domains.



·       Comprehensive training in neurostatistics as evidenced by a PhD or MSc in Biostatistics, Quantitative Life Sciences, or a related field.

·       Proficiency in R and Bioconductor libraries in addition to expertise in shell and scripting languages (Bash, Python)



·       Knowledge of next-generation sequencing data sets, as well as retrieval of public data, file formats, reference genomes, etc.

·       Experience with functional genomics including RNAseq and DNA methylation analysis pipelines.

·       Experience with microarray-based data normalization/analyses.

·       Familiarity with Linux environments, specifically scientific computing clusters and scheduling systems

·       Adeptness with data visualization, database management (e.g., Hadoop) consideration of individual differences

·       Data Integration expertise and use of publicly available datasets or genomic resources

·       Foundational knowledge of neuroscience concepts


To apply please send a cover letter, an academic CV and contact details for two references to Ms Joanne Clark, Administrative Director, Ludmer Centre for Neuroinformatics & Mental Health  (email: joanne.clark@mcgill.ca). A review of applications will begin December 10th 2018 and the position will remain open until filled.


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