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Fwd: [d-ssc] senior Statistics position at Carleton re Data Science and Analytics

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From: "Shirley E. Mills" <smills@math.carleton.ca>
Subject: [d-ssc] senior Statistics position at Carleton re Data Science and Analytics
Date: April 8, 2019 at 1:07:10 PM PDT
To: <d-ssc@ssc.ca>

Carleton U has an immediate opening at the Associate or Full Professor
level for a professor in Statistics with experience in Data Science and
Academic Unit: Mathematics and Statistics
Start Date:July 1, 2019
Closing Date:(ASAP) Applications will be accepted until the position is

See https://carleton.ca/math/employment-opportunities/
 (or contact shirley.mills@carleton.ca if you have any questions.)

About the Position:
The School of Mathematics and Statistics invites applications from
qualified candidates for an appointment in statistics at the rank of
Associate or Full Professor beginning July 1, 2019. The successful
candidate must have a substantial body of research in statistics with
evidence of particular applications to data science and analytics and
extensive involvement in collaborative work.
The successful candidate will be expected to develop a research program in
statistics applicable to data science and analytics, to supervise
students, as well as to develop and teach undergraduate and graduate
courses in statistics and data analytics. Candidates are expected to
provide evidence of a proven track record of peer-reviewed publication, a
strong externally-funded research program in Statistics, as well as a
track record of successful collaborative research with industry and/or
About the Academic Unit:
Information about the School may be found at www.math.carleton.ca.
A PhD in statistics is required. The successful candidate must have
several years of experience in leading major research initiatives in
statistics especially related to data science and analytics, and with
wide-ranging collaborations involving modern statistical methodologies.
Specifically, the candidate must have collaborated extensively on industry
and/or government projects. Individuals who complement the research
strengths of the existing faculty are sought. Areas of experience must
include: high-performance statistical computing, analysis of very large
data sets and new forms of data, especially video and text data. Areas of
particular interest include: statistical machine learning, functional data
analysis, Bayesian methods, uncertainly quantification, Markov Chain Monte
Carlo methods, function estimation for latent processes, bioinformatics,
statistical shape analysis, spatial modeling and image analysis. The
candidate must have several years of experience in teaching and
supervising undergraduate and graduate students, and involvement in
curriculum development.
Application Instructions:
Applications should include a cover letter, curriculum vitae, up to four
sample publications, and a teaching dossier. These must be sent
electronically in one single PDF file to Kevin.Crosby@carleton.ca
Please indicate in your application if you are a Canadian citizen or
permanent resident of Canada.
See https://carleton.ca/math/employment-opportunities/

Dr. Shirley Mills,
Assoc. Prof. of Mathematics and Statistics
School of Mathematics and Statistics
Faculty of Science Grad Co-op Advisor
Carleton University
Executive Director,
Statistical Society of Canada


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