Addendum to Chapter Eight

Beyond Experience -
Metaphysical Theories and
Philosophical Constraints

Author: Norman Swartz
Publisher: Toronto University Press
Date: 1991
ISBN: 0-8020-2783-0 (cloth)
ISBN: 0-8020-6832-4 (paper)

Supplement to pages 145-6.

A book, The Boy Electrician, which I read countless times as a youngster has been reprinted. The first page of Chapter One reads, in part:

"Science brings new words into our language and it constantly changes our mode of living. Electrical science probably has made the greatest changes in our world within the last fifty years. It has made us more comfortable, healthier, made our days longer, given us many pleasures. It has brought us the telephone, radio, electric lights, motors, sound pictures, television, new materials, medicines, and a host of other things.

"And all of these wonders have been invented and perfected by men who did not know what electricity is.

"No one knows what electricity is. There have been many theories or attempts to explain what this mysterious force may actually be, but all of them have been mere guesses and cannot be proven." (p. 13)

— The Boy Electrician, by Alfred P. Morgan (Boston: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co.) 1940. Reprinted by Lindsay Publications Inc, Bradley IL, 1995. ISBN 1-55918-164-8.