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  • Synopsis (prepared by Cambridge University Press for the first [1985] edition)
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1.   Legal notice
Preface (1985)
Preface (2003)
‘Near’ laws and ‘real’ laws
pp. i – viii
pp. 1 – 13
(78,578 bytes)
2.   Falling under a physical law
pp. 14 – 36
(101,539 bytes)
3.   Three theories of physical law
pp. 37 – 43
(30,979 bytes)
4.   Modal properties and modal propositions;
relative and absolute necessity
pp. 44 – 49
(27,188 bytes)
5.   Regularity attacked / Necessitarianism defended
pp. 50 – 61
(51,547 bytes)
6.   Failure versus doom
pp. 62 – 78
(72,118 bytes)
7.   State-descriptions and reductions
pp. 79 – 90
(56,278 bytes)
8.   Potentialities
pp. 91 – 104
(57,792 bytes)
9.   Miracles and marvels
pp. 105 – 115
(41,369 bytes)
10.   Free will and determinism
pp. 116 – 140
(100,652 bytes)
11.   Predictability and uniformity
pp. 141 – 168
(116,529 bytes)
12.   Statistical laws
pp. 169 – 185
(67,748 bytes)
13.   Counterfactuals, numerical laws, and necessity-in-praxis
Postscript: cosmic coincidences
pp. 186 – 220
(133,814 bytes)

   Complementary Reading
  Professor Michael Scriven's paper, "An Essential Unpredictability in Human Behavior" inspired much of what is in Chapters 10 and 11. With his permission, and that of the copyright owner, the Perseus Books Group, I have been able to reproduce that paper on this website.
"An Essential Unpredictability in Human Behavior.pdf" (260,125 bytes)
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