Copyright © 1989 by Theo Goldberg
Prelude: "Under threat of death, a father promises to send his daughter Beauty to the castle of the Beast in the enchanted forest."
Narrator: Why are you riding into the forest, Beauty?

Beauty: I must find the enchanted castle. The Beast is waiting!

Narrator: The Beast? I fear for your life, Beauty.

Beauty: It will be my father's life if I don't go. The Beast made him swear I would.

First Interlude: "Arriving at the castle, Beauty cannot find the Beast who hides from her but spies on her everywhere."

Beauty: Beast, I have come as father promised. Where are you, Beast? Why are you hiding from me, Beast?

Second Interlude: "Left all alone by herself, Beauty longs for company and misses her father."

Beauty: I am so sad and lonely. I have nobody to talk with. Why won't you talk to me? I have never seen you yet! I wish to see you. I'm not afraid any more.

Beast: Not afraid? Look again!

Beauty: Oh no! Don't turn away from me now! See, I'm not afraid.

Beauty: Beast, I long to see my father. Please give me leave.

Beast: But you must be back by the next full moon or else. Or else I shall die if you don't come back!

Beauty: I promise!!!

Third Interlude: "Happy at home, Beauty forgets the day of return."

Beauty: This is the night of the full moon! I forgot the Beast! I must hurry back!

Narrator: Why must you?

Beauty: He will die if I don't go back to him!

Narrator: So much the better!

Beauty: I gave my word too. And I can't let him die.

Returning to the castle, Beauty cannot find the Beast.

Beauty: Beast, are you playing games with me again? Beast, please don't die! I will never leave you again!

Postlude: "And so the evil spell was broken, and Beauty never regretted to have kept her vow."