Cambridge Street Records released its first Compact Disc entitled Digital Soundscapes with five works by Vancouver composer Barry Truax in 1987.

The CD features the first recording of the composer's Riverrun, commissioned by the Venice Biennale and realized entirely with the technique of granular synthesis. This groundbreaking work was the recipient of the prestigious Magisterium award (the senior category for composers of more than 20 years experience) in the 1991 International Competition of Electroacoustic Music in Bourges, France.

The disc also includes four other works, digitally remastered, that appeared on the composer's earlier recordings -- the text/soundscape work The Blind Man, the ethereal computer work Aerial (with horn player Steven Field), and two compositions from Truax's last vinyl release, Sequence of Earlier Heaven, the computer-synthesized works Wave Edge and Solar Ellipse. Each was realized with the composer's PODX system for digital sound synthesis and composition at Simon Fraser University.

Digital Soundscapes (CSR-CD 8701) is available for a postpaid mail order price.

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