"Dan Patch" and his show pictures

Glenfraser's Knight of Gallica

(click on name for pedigree)

The Puppy Pictures

His first Puppy Group at 6-1/2 months under Robert Verhulst

Another Puppy Group at 7 mo. under Merlin Vandekinder
(look ma - no hands on the tail!)

Sister "Kippen/Kippen" taking a 4 point major at her first show!


and a Terrier puppy group!

Dan Patch's first Best of Breed at 8 mo (over Oban!) with Charlie handling!

Winning Best in Specialty Sweeps under terrier breeder Stella Newby at 10 months

Showing the stack that won his Puppy Sweeps class at 9 months

under terrier breeder Marilyn Koyanagi (photos by Arnold Truax)

and a new Canadian Champion at 10-1/2 months!

Last show as a puppy, Dan P wins Best Puppy under Larry Kereluke

... and his first Group placement under Roger Hartinger!

Dan Patch starts 2006 with a bang (going over last year's Top terrier!) under Norwegian judge Marit Sunde

Dan Patch wins another big one at less than 16 months under respected judge Joe Tacker

We're getting to like this Group 2nd thing - under another old time terrier judge, David Macintyre

Another Group placement under BC judge Walter Pinsker

Dan Patch as a 2 year old starting his 2007 campaign

Dan Patch's sister Kippen winning the Bred By Group in the U.S. with Charlene

Looking elegant with 2 group placements this weekend

Winning a Group placement in a very large Terrier group

Winning back-to-back 3 pt majors on his first weekend in the U.S. under Beverley Lehnig & Wyoma Clouss!

Finishing his American Championship under Carol Beattie (a big picture for a big win!)

Daughter Kenzie's Show Pictures and Dan Patch's first litter and second litter and third litter!

Sister Kippen on her way to finishing her Canadian Championship, under Enrique Fillipini

Kippen finishing her Canadian Championship in style!