INSIDE (1995)

for bass oboe & two digital soundtracks

Inside was commissioned by and written for Lawrence Cherney with the assistance of the Canada Council. The tape portion is based entirely on the sounds of the instrument used by the soloist, the bass oboe, whose resonant low B-flat is the foundation of the work. Through the use of highly resonant delay lines and granular synthesis for time-stretching, the oboe sounds have been extended to create an environment inside of which the performer is placed. In fact, our ears are invited to go inside the sound of this wonderful instrument, to experience its rich harmonics and inner resonances with music that is sometimes lyrical, at other times meditative. And in the middle, a dance.

Inside is available on the Cambridge Street Records CD Inside.

Sound Example available


Technical note:

The work was realized using the composer's PODX system which incorporates the DMX-1000 Digital Signal Processor controlled by a PDP Micro-11 computer with software for real-time granular synthesis and signal processing developed by the composer in the School for the Contemporary Arts at Simon Fraser University. The sounds were recorded on 8-track tape and mixed down in the Sonic Research Studio at SFU.