Eng. Ch. Wiljoy Wizardry

Am Ch. Balgownie Bulletin

Balgownie Belle

Am Ch. Dunedin Charthill Messenger

Eng/Am Ch. Kennelgarth Romeo

Dunedin Dimple

Am Ch. Burnview Fantasy

Can/Am Ch. Charthill Empire Maker

Am Ch. Charthill Victory At Sea

Am Ch. Charthill Jazz King

Am Ch. Charthill Worthy Trinket

Am Ch. Charthill Empress Of The Blues

Am Ch. Charthill Worthy Of Boz

Am Ch. Charthill Moira The Best

Charthill Whorthy Ember

Glenfraser's Alexander Of Gallica

Am. Ch. McVan's Duke Of Earl

Am. Ch. McVan's Stamp Of Approval

Am. Ch. Gaelforce Post Script

Am Ch. Chyscott's Coat Of Arms

Eng. Ch. Wiljoy Wizardry

Am. Ch. Pendlehill Velvet

Pendlehill Morag

Am Ch. Gallica's Ever So Clever

Am. Ch. Caevnes Devils Due

Can/Am Ch. Beinnein's Devils Advocate

Ch. Beinnein's Belle Of The Ball

Can/Am Ch. Glenfraser's Black Brenna

Ch. Glenfraser's Talisker

Ch. Glenfraser's Talisker Thistle

Ch. Glenfraser's Balgownie Rose