PAST PERFORMANCES (1970s and 1980s)

   Note: pdf's of concert programs, reviews, news items, promotional materials, etc. associated with these performances are available through the CMC's archive.

U.B.C., Faculty of Music, 1969-71; graduation recital Jan.18/71

Banff, Canada Music Council Conference, May 5/72. Sonic Landscape No. 2

Utrecht, Institute of Sonology, Feb.26/73. Tapes from Gilgamesh (Nos.I,III,IVa,X)

Amsterdam, Stedilijk Museum, Mar.25/73. Tapes from Gilgamesh (Nos.I,III,IVa,VIII,X)

Netherlands Radio, May/73. Tapes from Gilgamesh No. VIII

Zagreb, Idrija, Yugoslavia, Zagreb Biennale, May/73. Tapes from Gilgamesh

Utrecht, Institute of Sonology, Oct. 22/73. Tape VII from Gilgamesh

Amsterdam, Stedilijk Museum, Feb.24/74. Tape VII from Gilgamesh

Vancouver Art Gallery, CBC concert, April 10/74. She, a Solo

CBC-FM, "Ideas", Soundscapes of Canada series, Oct./74. Six Themes of the Soundscape, Maritime Diary, Soundscape Study

SFU Theatre, Nov.17/74. She, a Solo

Radio Bremen, 1974. Tapes from Gilgamesh

Toronto, New Music Concerts, Jan.11/75. Soundscape Study

Montreal, Universite de Montreal, Jan.13/75. Tape VII from Gilgamesh

Vancouver, Van.New Music Soc., Feb.16/75. Sonic Landscape No. 3

Utrecht, Institute of Sonology, Feb.17/75. She, a Solo

Zagreb, Biennale, May/75. Tape VII from Gilgamesh

CBC-FM, "Music of Today," Symposium on Computer Music, May 14,21/75. One hour documentary and Tape VII from Gilgamesh

Paris, Groupe de Recherches Musicales, May 28/75. Tape VII from Gilgamesh

Bern, Neue Horizonte, May/75. Tape VII from Gilgamesh

Edmonton, CAUSM conference, June 5/75. Sonic Landscape No. 3

CBC-FM, "Monday Evening", Oct. 6/75. The Heavenly Invasion

Vancouver, Van.New Music Soc., Dec.9/75. Trigon

Vancouver, Days Months & Years to Come, Mar.7/76. Sonic Landscape No.2

Boston, International Computer Music Conference, Oct.30/76. Tape VII from Gilgamesh

Los Angeles, Institute of Sonology concert, Jan.21/77. Tape VII from Gilgamesh

Utrecht, Institute of Sonology, Feb.21/77. Trigon

Montreal, Concordia University, Feb.25/77. Sonic Landscape No. 3, Tape VII from Gilgamesh

Oakland, Mills College, April 16/77. Trigon, Tape VII from Gilgamesh, Sonic Landscape No. 3

London, Canada House, May 24/77. Sonic Landscape No. 3

Bourges, International Festival of Electroacoustic Music, May 28, Sonic Landscape No. 3 (laureat); June 1/77, She, a Solo

Toronto, York University, Can.Electronic Ensemble, July 28/77. Nautilus

Radio broadcasts in Yugoslavia, Netherlands, France, Sweden & Belgium, July-Nov/77. Sonic Landscape No. 3 (Bourges Festival winners)

Waterloo, International Conference on Computing in the Humanities, Aug.4/77. Sonic Landscape No. 3

Toronto, Music Gallery. Sept.29/77. Sonic Landscape No. 3

Toronto, New Music Concerts, Oct.15/77. Nautilus

Ottawa, St. John's Anglican, Oct.17/77. Sonic Landscape No. 3, Sonic Landscape No. 4

San Diego, Computer Music Conference, Oct 26,30/77. Sonic Landscape No. 3

CBC-FM, Dec.18/77. Sonic Landscape No. 3

Amsterdam, Stedilijk Museum, Jan.21/78. Nautilus

Utrecht, Institute of Sonology, Jan.23/78. Nautilus

Vancouver, Van.New Music Society, Feb.22/78. She, a Solo

's Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, Resonans Concert, Feb.26/78. She, a Solo Sonic Landscape No. 4

Hartford, Univ.of Hartford, College of Music, Mar.28/78. Nautilus

Rome, Musica Verticale, April 11/78. She, a Solo

International Circuit of Electroacoustic Music, 1977-78. Copenhagen, Bourges, Belgrade, Budapest, Warsaw, Stockholm, Norwich, Montreal, Kingston, Toronto, London, San Francisco. Soundscape Study

Bourges, International Festival of Electroacoustic Music, June 1/78. Androgyny

Aarhus, Denmark, Unesco Computer Music Workshop, Aug.29,30/78. Nautilus, Androgyny

Copenhagen, Winter Garden, Sept.2/78. Androgyny

Edinburgh, Fringe Festival, Sept.4/78. Sonic Landscape No. 3

Vancouver, Western Front, Sept.22/78. Androgyny

S.F.U., Nexus concert, Sept.15/78. Nautilus

Warsaw, Warsaw Autumn Festival, Sept.20/78. Sonic Landscape No. 3

Vancouver, Western Front, Sept. 22/78. Androgyny

Kingston, Queen's University, Hugh Le Caine Memorial Concert, Sept.29/78. Sonic Landscape No. 3

Dutch Radio, Hilversum, Oct.12,19/78. Two one-hour broadcasts with She, a Solo, Trigon, Nautilus, Sonic Landscape No. 3, Androgyny (rebroadcast from June/78)

Victoria, Univ.of Victoria, Oct.27/78. Androgyny

Evanston, Northwestern University, Computer Music Conference, Nov.3/78. Androgyny

McGill University, Faculty of Music, Nov. 17/78, Sonic Landscape No. 1

Trail, B.C., Canada Music Week, Nov.24/78. Sonic Landscape No. 3, Soundscape Study, Androgyny

Rome, Musica Verticale, Dec.8/78. Androgyny

Oberlin, Oberlin College, Dept.of Music, Dec.9/78. Androgyny

Toulouse, IRCAM concert, Dec./78. Androgyny

Bourges, France, GMEB "Triton" concert, Feb.7/79. Androgyny

Paris, IRCAM, GMEB prizewinners, Feb.5/79. Sonic Landscape No. 3

Montreal, ACREQ concert, Feb./79. Androgyny

Vancouver, Vancouver New Music Society, Feb./79. Androgyny

New Zealand Radio, Feb.28, Mar.7/79. Androgyny

Havana, National Library, Mar.14/79. Androgyny

Budapest, Hungarian Radio, April 13/79. She, a Solo

Montevideo, Contemporary Music Festival, April 1/79. Sonic Landscape No. 3

New York, Paula Cooper Gallery, Composers Forum, April 26/79. Sonic Landscape No. 3, Androgyny

Bourges, International Festival of Electroacoustic Music, June 9/79. Love Songs, Sonic Landscape No. 1

Padova, Music Conservatory, June 22/79. Sonic Landscape No. 3, Androgyny, Love Songs

Italian Radio, RAI, June 23/79. Androgyny

Hungarian Radio, Aug.7/79. Androgyny

Athens, ISCM World Music Days, Herodes Atticus Theatre, Sept.1/79. Androgyny

Vancouver, Days Months & Years to Come, Sept.30/79. Sonic Landscape No. 2

Los Angeles, Univ.of Southern California, Oct.14/79. Androgyny

Toronto, New Music Concerts, 20th Anniversary of the Canadian Music Centre concert, Oct.20/79. Nautilus (excerpts)

Budapest, Electronic Music Concert, Nov.22/79. Sonic Landscape No.3

Nanaimo, Malaspina College, Mar.14/80. Androgyny

Vancouver, Western Front, Int.Circuit of Electroacoustic Music, Nov. 16/79. The Blind Man, Aerial

West Newton, MA, All Newton Music School, Dec.9/79. Soundscape Study

Calgary, Alberta Composers Festival, Feb. 22/80, She, A Solo

S.F.U., SFU Dancers in Concert, Mar.20-22/80. Sonic Landscape No. 3 (to Iris Garland's Endangered Species)

Vancouver, Van.New Music Society, April 6/80. Love Songs

Belleville, Bellefair Springfest, April 24/80. Sonic Landscape No. 1

Toronto, Music Gallery, May 17/80. Aerial

Bourges, International Festival of Electroacoustic Music, June 2/80. Aerial

Verona, Ente Lirico Arena di Verona, Aug.20/80. Androgyny

Vancouver, Days Months & Years to Come, Nov.2/80. Aerial

New York, International Computer Music Conference, Nov.14/80. Aerial

Vancouver, Western Front, CIME, Nov.28/80. Ascendance

Oberlin, OH, Oberlin College, Faculty of Music, Dec./80. The Blind Man

Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic, 10th Latin American Festival of Contemporary Music, Jan.5/81. She, a Solo

Vancouver, Van.New Music Society, Feb.15/81. Arras

Paris, IRCAM, Feb.18/81. Arras

Utrecht, Nicolaikerk, Stichting Comb.van Utrechtse Muziekbelangen, Mar.2/81. Sonic Landscape No. 4

Ghent, IPEM, Mar.10/81. Sonic Landscape No. 3

S.F.U., Faculty Dance Concert, Mar.12,13/81. Arras, Aerial

Montreal, Societe Radio-Canada, April 12/81. Androgyny

Toronto, 3rd Festival of Electronic Music, Music Gallery, Feb.28/81. Aerial, Arras

Bourges, International Festival of Electroacoustic Music, June 4/81. Tape VII from Gilgamesh ("The Journey to the Gods")

Windsor, Canadian League of Composers, 30th Anniversary Concert, June 13/81. Nautilus

Wellington, N.Z., Victoria Univ. of Wellington, Aug.19/81. Androgyny, The Blind Man, Arras

Melbourne, Australia, International Conference on Music and Technology Aug.24/81. Arras

Denton, Texas, International Computer Music Conference, Nov.8/81. Arras

Munich, Bayrische Rundfunk, Nov.28/81. Two works broadcast

Rome, Musica Verticale, Nov.13/81. Arras, Ascendance; Nov.28/81. Aerial

S.F.U., Teaching production in music, Jan.14/82. The Blind Man, Arras, Letter to my Grandmother

Vancouver, Van.New Music Society, Feb.21/82. East Wind

Utrecht, Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, GMEB programme, Mar.15/82. The Blind Man

Somerville, MA, New England Computer Music Assoc., April 17/82. Arras

San Diego, Center for Music Experiment, Pan-American Festival of Contemporary Music, April 18/82. Arras

Budapest, April 25/82. Aerial

Canada House, London, "Artists/Computers/Art" Exhibition, Mar.24 - April 20/82, Sonic Landscape No. 3, Androgyny, Arras; Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris, June 3-22/82. same; Milton Keynes Exhibition Gallery, Buckinghamshire, Aug.82.; Ulster Museum, Belfast, Nov.-Dec./82. same

Bourges, International Festival of Electroacoustic Music, June 4/82. East Wind; June 9/82. Ascendance, The Blind Man

Vancouver, UBC Recital Hall, Mar 3/82. V.C.C. Mar 5/82. East Wind

Toronto, Array Music, Trinity church, April 6/82. East Wind

Amsterdam, Stedilijk Museum, April 24/82 (recorded for KRO); April 26/82 (recorded for NCRV). East Wind

Amsterdam, Ijsbreker, May 21/82. East Wind

St. Catharines, Elektra concerts, Sept.26/82. Aerial

Padova, Music Conservatory, Oct.6/82; Modena, Oct.4/82. Androgyny

Budapest, Hungarian, Radio, Oct.28/82. Aerial

Tokyo, International Festival of Experimental Music, Zojoji Hall, Nov.17/82. Arras

Japan, 1st International Alternative Music Projects, Dec.14/82. The Blind Man

Montreal, Faculty of Music, McGill University, Jan.13/83. Arras

Vancouver, Musica Humana, Western Front, Jan.22/83. She, a Solo

Utrecht, Institute of Sonology concert, Muziekcentrum, Vredenburg, Jan.24/83. Tapes from Gilgamesh Nos. IV, V, VI.

Vancouver, Van.New Music Society, Feb.13/83. Nightwatch

Vancouver, Western Front, Computer Music Weekend, Feb.18/83. Arras

S.F.U., "Live Current", Mar.4/83. Ascendance, East Wind

Genoa, LIMB concert, Musica Novecento, Mar.9/83. Nautilus

London, City University, Festival of Electroacoustic Music, Mar.10/83. Arras

Rome, Musica Verticale, Mar.19/83. Androgyny

Vancouver, Western Front, Apr.15/83; Emily Carr College, VNMS concert, Apr.16/83. East Wind

S.F.U., "Choreograms", April 22/83. The Blind Man

Cologne, Feedback Studio, May 2/83. East Wind

Brussels, Palais des Beaux Arts, May 6/83. East Wind

Ghent, Stichting Logos (recorded for BRT), May 7/83. East Wind

Montreal, ACREQ, May 15/83. The Blind Man

Victoria, Open Space Gallery, May 15/83. New work in progress

Bremen, recording for Radio Bremen, May 20/83; recording for WDR, Cologne, May 24/83. East Wind

Norwich, Univ. of East Anglia, May 24/83. Arras

Bourges, International Festival of Electroacoustic Music, June 6/83. East Wind

Banff, Inter-Arts, Banff Centre, July 20/83. Wave Edge

Australia, Radio broadcast, six works from "Androgyne"

Rome, Musica Verticale, Oct.16/83. The Blind Man

Delta Airlines, In-flight programme, Fall 1983. excerpt from Aerial

Rome, Musica Verticale, Dec.15/83. Wave Edge

Avignon, Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Manosque, GMEB tour, Jan.19 - 25/84. Ascendance

Windsor, Chamber music concert. Jan.24/84. Aerial

Munich, Klang-Actionen 84, Theater im Marstall, Feb.4/84. Arras

Vancouver, Van.New Music Society, Feb. 12/84. Wave Edge

Buffalo, Dept. of Music, SUNY Buffalo, North American New Music  Festival, April 12/84. Etude, Arras

Montreal, ACREQ, Printemps Electroacoustique de Montreal, Centre Calixa Lavalee, April 15/84. Arras, Aerial, Wave Edge

London, Institute of Contemporary Arts, The Mall, May 20/84. East Wind

Bourges, Chateau de Trousse-Barriere, GMEB concert, June 30/84. Ascendance

Banff, Electroacoustic concert series, July 23/84. Wave Edge

Stockholm, Swedish Radio, Kerstin Stahl recording, She, a Solo; Oslo, Arts Center, She, a Solo

Cambridge, MA, Newcomp Concert, First Church, Harvard Square, Sept.15/84. Wave Edge

Paris, International Computer Music Conference, Centre Pompidou, Oct. /84. Wave Edge

Toronto, Mercer Union Gallery, Nov. 10/84. Nightwatch

Vancouver, Dept. of Music, UBC, Pacific Contemporary Music Festival, Nov.10/84. Aerial

S.F.U., SFU Dancers in Concert, Nov.29,30, Dec.1/84. Wave Edge

Padova, Computer Music Festival, Dec.3/84. Wave Edge

Bourges, International Festival of Electroacoustic Music, June 12/85. Wave Edge, Solar Ellipse

Vancouver, International Computer Music Conference, Aug.22/85. Solar Ellipse

Rome, Musica Verticale, Nov. 14/85. Nightwatch

Montreal, Concordia Electro-acoustic Composers' Group, Dec.9/85. Solar Ellipse

Toronto, Wired Society Festival and Conference, Feb.1/86. Solar Ellipse

Hungarian Radio, Third Program, Jan.16/86. Arras

Vancouver, Computer Music Weekend, Feb.14/86. Divan

Vancouver, Vancouver New Music Society, Feb.16/86. Solar Ellipse

Buffalo, Dept.of Music, SUNY, Feb.23/86. Nightwatch

Montreal, Concordia Electro-acoustic Composers' Group, Feb.28/86. Aerial

Vancouver, "Full House," Centre for the Arts, SFU, Mar.1/86. Nightwatch

Montreal, Concordia Electro-acoustic Composers' Group, Mar.2/86. Wave Edge

Berlin, Inventionen 86, "Musik und Sprache," DAAD, Mar.4/86. The Blind Man

Bourges, International Festival of Electroacoustic Music, June 5/86. Divan

Portland, Marylhurst College Music Dept., July 19/86. Wave Edge, Solar Ellipse

Camerino, Italy, Festival of Electronic Art, Oct.30/86. Aerial

Kingston, Queen's University, Dept.of Music, Nov./86. The Blind Man

Rome, Musica Verticale, Nov.6/86. East Wind

Montreal, Concordia Electro-acoustic Composers' Group, Nov.9/86. Wave Edge

Venice, Biennale di Venezia, "Nuova Atlantide," Androgyny and exhibition and retrospective of other computer music works, Oct-Nov/86.

Vancouver, U.B.C., Dept.of Music, Nov.17/86. East Wind

German National Radio, DLF Neue Musik, Jan. 28/87. Excerpts of 9 works.

Evanston, Illinois, Northwestern School of Music, Feb. 8/87. Wave Edge

Vancouver, Computer Music Weekend, SFU, Mar. 6/87. Riverrun

Montreal, Les Evenements du Neuf, April 9/87. East Wind

Hungarian National Radio, Third Program, April 9/87. Solar Ellipse

Evanston, Illinois, ASUC Conference, April 11/87. Solar Ellipse

London, Canada House Cultural Centre, April 13/87. Nightwatch

Boston, Newcomp, April 25/87. Divan

Princeton, Dept. of Music, April 25/87. Nightwatch

Montreal, CEC Festival 2001(-14), Concordia, May 9/87. Riverrun

Bourges, Festival of Electroacoustic Music, June 11/87. Riverrun

New Zealand Radio, July/87. Wave Edge

Tanglewood, Festival of Contemporary Music, Aug. 5/87. Solar Ellipse

Austrian National Radio, Sept./87. Riverrun

Rome, Musica Verticale, Oct. 10/87. Solar Ellipse

Utrecht, Gaudeamus Concert, Vredenburg, Feb. 2/88. Solar Ellipse

Vancouver, Computer Music Weekend, SFU, Feb.26/88. The Wings of Nike

Warsaw, Academy of Music, Mar. 4/88, Nautilus

Vancouver, New Music Society, Mar. 12/88. Riverrun

Buffalo, North American New Music Festival, Mar. 16/88. Tongues of Angels

Rome, 7th Colloquio di Informatica Musicale, Palazzo Taverna, Mar. 25/88. Riverrun

KPFA, San Francisco, April 28/88. Wave Edge

San Jose, State University, Dept. of Music, April 28/88. Solar Ellipse, Riverrun

Buenos Aires, Municipal Radio, May 2/88. East Wind

Bourges, Festival of Electroacoustic Music, June 5-6/88. The Wings of Nike, Tongues of Angels

Urbana-Champaign, University of Illinois, School of Music, July 25/88. Riverrun

Buenos Aires, Cultural Centre, Aug. 1/88. Riverrun

German National Radio, Aug. 14/88. Riverrun, The Blind Man, Wave Edge

Amelia, Italy, ISMEZ & Canadian Cultural Centre, Aug. 23/88. Solar Ellipse, The Wings of Nike

Toronto, Music Gallery, CEC Festival, Sept.8-9/88. The Wings of Nike, Tongues of Angels

Kingston, Queen's University, School of Music, Sept. 11/88. Riverrun, The Wings of Nike

Cologne, International Computer Music Conference, Sept.20/88. The Wings of Nike

Ottawa, Espace Musique, Oct. 17/88. Riverrun

Rome, Musica Verticale, Palazzo della Cancelleria, Dec. 8/88. East Wind

Vancouver, Vancouver Art Gallery, Feb. 16/89. Divan, Wings of Nike

Vancouver, Computer Music Weekend, SFU, Feb.17/89. Tongues of Angels

Florence, Music Conservatory/CNUCE, Spazio Uno, March 22/89. Solar Ellipse, Riverrun

Aarhus, Computer Music Festival, DIEM, Aug.30-31/89. Riverrun, Wings of Nike

Boston, Newcomp, Oct.21/89. Wings of Nike

Kingston, Queen's University, School of Music, Oct.27/89. Arras, Solar Ellipse, Riverrun

Montreal, Clair de Terre, Dow Planetarium, ACREQ, Nov.1/89. Solar Ellipse, Riverrun

Rome, Musica Verticale, Palazzo della Cancelleria, Nov. 19/89. Wings of Nike