J.S. Bach, Partita No. 1 in B flat
1. Praeludium

2. Allemande

3. Corrente

4. Sarabande

5. Menuet I & II Sound Example available

6. Gigue

George Frideric Handel: Suite in D Minor

7. Allemande

8. Courante

9. Sarabande

10. Gigue

George Frideric Handel: Suite in E Minor

11. Allemande

12. Courante Sound Example available

13. Sarabande

14. Gigue

Cole Porter:

15. Begin the Beguine, from Jubilee

16. Every Time We Say Goodbye, from Seven Lively Arts

17. In the Still of the Night, from Rosalie

18. Night and Day, from Gay Divorce

19. I've Got You Under My Skin, from Born To Dance Sound Example available

20. It's De-Lovely, from Red, Hot and Blue

21. Just One of Those Things, from Jubilee

Bonus Track:

22. Guenther plays In A Monastery Garden (A.Ketelbey)


Barry Truax, piano (performing on the Kawai RX-3, Cambridge Street) tracks 1-21

© Cambridge Street Publishing, 2005


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