a soundscape composition for eight digital soundtracks

This soundscape composition takes you on a journey through a West Coast rainforest, starting with water dripping down the rock ledges at the edge of the forest. As guided by a raven, the overall emotional trajectory for the listener goes from joyful to very sombre, and finally we re-emerge (as hopefully we all will from this dark time we're going through) into a brighter day.

Rainforest Raven is available on sonus.ca

Original recordings the composer's cellphone recordings on Galiano Island, BC. Sound processing realized with Soundhack convolution and Chris Rolfe’s MacPod software, with spatialization created by Harmonic Functions’ TiMax2 matrix mixer, marketed by Outboard Inc (UK).

Sound Example available

A detailed documentation of the entire work, its sources, processing and multi-track mixing scheme is available from the composer (truax@sfu.ca), as well as the 8-track soundfiles for performance.