a soundscape composition for eight digital soundtracks

If we listen carefully to flowing water in all of its varied forms, we may begin to hear voices and ascribe human emotions to them. The voices may be argumentative, even angry, as at the start of our journey, but suddenly they may become hushed as we enter a large cavern. A mysterious voice seems to give us commands as we await the next stage, while ethereal voices guide us along. The commands become more insistent until the waters burst forth with transcendent song in a celebration of water and life.

What The Waters Told Me is available on sonus.ca

Original recordings from the WSP Recording Collection and the composer's cellphone recordings. Sound processing realized with Soundhack convolution, with spatialization created by Harmonic Functionsí TiMax2 matrix mixer, marketed by Outboard Inc (UK).

Sound Example available

A detailed documentation of the entire work, its sources, processing and multi-track mixing scheme is available from the composer (truax@sfu.ca), as well as the 8-track soundfiles for performance.