<between bodies> and exhale were developed as part of a series of 3 artistic prototypes in current ongoing work with real-time interactive wearable public art. These works use physiological data that actuates responses in the linings of sensually evocative skirts that are worn by participants. In the case of between bodies the input is EMG: muscle data, and in the case of exhale, the input is breath data. These skirts are networked and can interact and share data between participants. Output actuators in the skirts include vibration (small motoes) worn close to the skin, light arrays worn on the surface of the fabric of the skirt, and small fans and speakers that move air and sound close to the body.

These interactive art installations are based on designing and fabricating "a-wearable" body networks for public, social space. As clothing, and as a type of costuming, the skirts of <between bodies> and of exhale cross our gendered modes of 'wear-ability', enabling an expression of both our inner and outer selves.