Circuit Diameter of Polyhedra

Borgwardt, S., Stephen, T. and Yusun, T. On the circuit diameter conjecture. Submitted, Dec 2016. (arXiv)

Stephen, T. and Yusun, T. The circuit diameter of the Klee-Walkup polyhedron. Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics, The Eight European Conference on Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Applications, EuroComb 2015, 49:505-512, Nov 2015. link to article

Talk slides from ISMP 2015 here.
Python code for handling polyhedra and circuits here.

Monotone Boolean Functions

Stephen, T. and Yusun, T. Counting inequivalent monotone Boolean functions. Discrete Applied Mathematics, 167:15-24, April 2014. link to article

MATLAB Code for counting inequivalent MBFs.
Extended sequence A003182 on the OEIS

MSc Thesis: Dedekind numbers and related sequences
Talk slides here.

Counting Colourful Simplices

Link to page.