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3D: Environments, characters, games & other works

Little Alice

A character inspired by Alice in Wonderland. I love Alice's blue doll dress. I wanted to challenge myself in modeling a semi-detailed character with as few polys as possible. The final Alice came to 1332 tris (darn, a few polys under '1337'). Not too bad! I will be rigging and animating her so those will be posted once they're done.

Magical Weapons

A set of magical staves and spell books with custom particle effects. They were a blast to model and particle effects are so much fun to create! (I'm attracted to shiny things) Textures were custom painted in photoshop and painter.

This pack is available for purchase on the Unity Asset Store

Asian Garden

I love asian aesthetics and this is a garden scene with a mix of Japanese and Chinese inspiration. I really like how the bridge turned out, but sadly it is a little high on the poly count due to the details on the railing. Everything except for the wood and bark textures were custom painted in photoshop.

This environment is available for purchase on the Unity Asset Store

Cute Clouds

Simple but cute assets for a 2.5D styled platformer. The clouds were colored in Painter so they have a delicate brush feel. All the assets are very low poly and the entire package is only 12mb - tiny!

This environment is available for purchase on the Unity Asset Store

Game: Destination

This is a third person adventure game created by myself and Lilian Ho using the game engine UDK. Lilian took over animation and sound design while I conceptualized and created the assets used in the game including the environment, props, characters and other game assets. Along with modeling, I also dealt with level design by implementing game mechanics and interactions using UnrealScript and UDK's Kismet (Visual Scripting). A download for the first level of the game is available in PC, and details on the models created for the game can be found on this page.

Asian Village

A set of asian styled wooden houses for a game using UDK. The buildings were modeled with the intention of being modular. There are two different colored roofs, and they can be stacked ontop of the base. The extruding windows can also be re-arranged with 2 different types of frame decorations. The cherry blossom tree was created using SpeedTree.

Fancy Library

The inside of a library inspired by the victorian era. I love how beautiful the stained glass looks once rendered in UDK.


The main character for a game using UDK. Her clothes are a mix of asian, steampunk and fantasy styles. Her top portion was a little difficult to UV map in Maya so I threw that portion into Zbrush and used their automatic UV mapper. The maps were then painted in Photoshop.
Tri count: 5,550

Trail Through Woods

Our team wanted our final presentation for Art History to be exciting and completely different than boring powerpoint slides, so I suggested to create a game! While everyone else got to work researching, I started to work on the game. I used photographs of late 1880's vancouver to create 4 small scenes (The last is not pictured) in Unity with custom assets and models. I was able to pull this together in less than a week.

Princess Bubble Gum

This is Princess Bubblegum in her age 13 body from Adventure Time! I decided to model her as a fun side project and I think she turned out really well. I rigged her and created a short waving animation which you can view below:


This is a game environment made for IAT 340 Sound Design's final project. The assignment was very open ended. It required sound/music composition, but there were no restrictions on how to facilitate those sounds to the audience. Naturally, with an interest of game design I created this cemetery and added sound effects such as the ambience of crickets at night, crows cawing, and trees rustling to name a few. I also composed an original background music track and used both my own field recordings and stock sounds to create sound effects as the player moves around the cemetery.