Summer 2018

ECON 201

Theory (I)
Kevin Wainwright
3645 WMC

Available Files:

On-line Handouts
Lecture/Exam Info   Selected Study GuideQuestions
301 Math primer     Chapter 2 Perferences
Optimization and Economics    Chapter 3 Utility Theory Part 1
(Calculus with examples)
   Chapter 4 Utility Theory Part 2
Tutorial #1 Homework   Chapter 6 SR production and costs
 (attempt these and bring to class)    Chapter 7 LR production and costs
Chapter 8 and 9 Perfect competition
Old Midterm Chapter 10 Monopoly (part 1)
Old Final

Chapter14 Monopoly (part 2)


  1. Microeconomics (6th Edition) by Eaton, Eaton and Allen
  2. Study Guide to accompany Eaton and Eaton

Topics to be covered:


Tutorials:  15%
Midterm: 35%
Final:  50%


  1. If you miss an exam AND you have a VALID excuse, then the exams will be re-weighed. NO MAKE-UPS!
  2. The Final exam schedule is published, therefore no change or exemptions will be accepted.
  3. All medical notes will be verified and secondary evidence may be requested.

Tutorials and Assignments:

Tutorial grade will be based on Quizzes, Assignments, and Participation. The Quizzes will be based on the True/False Questions from the study guide. Assignments will be from the end of chapter questions and announced in class.

Weekly Tutorial Assignment

NOTE: This outline is only approximate. The rule is that you will be tested on what is covered up to the exam date. If I have not covered a topic, it will NOT be on the test.

End of Chapter Questions are for tutorial discussion UNLESS they have been designated to be handed in.