A cube - six planes enclosing and defining a space within.
Besides this what else?

Nothing - would be an obvious response of a society as
visually oriented as ours.

What if you close your eyes and listen carefully, with your ears.
What do you hear?

The experience is that of an innate quality of space -
a quality that is missing in our present day life:

Going further, let us attribute a particular quality to the space

Imagine it to be a grassland with a tree & a brook meandering through it.
How do the sounds change?

The wind rushing through the grass,
the grass rustling in response.
The birds lounging around upon the tree - chirping
The sound of water, as it ambles along and
even some birds flying overhead.

A weary traveler, reposing under its cool shade.

Now imagine, that this traveler decides to settle down and builds a house for himself.
Sounds of human habitation are introduced -
working, playing, talking or even screaming.
At times the human sounds tend to dominate while at other times the sounds of water, wind and birds overpower.

But the sounds are still natural and they still harmonize and blend with eachother.
Ten years later the house has been demolished, the tree cut down and an apartment building stands there instead.
Deluged with a road network around it.
For the first time
Unnatural sounds are introduced.

Cars, trucks, buses, jack-hammers.

Washing machines, water pumps, generators.

and airplanes (not birds flying over-head)

Welcome to the Industrial Age.
Welcome to the Sound - Wall