Poetry and Reading by Norbert Ruebsaat
A composed environment for four-channel tape, Length: 45 Minutes

Cordillerais a compositional working of Norbert Ruebsaat's reading of the long title poem from his book Cordillera.The piece combines the voice with environmental sound from the landscape-the Western Canadian mountain wilderness-which first inspired the poems, and thus places them back into their correct context.

Cordillerameans a ridge or chain of mountains. It is also used generically to describe the continuous range stretching from Tierra Del Fuego to Alaska. The poem describes an ascent and movement through the high country. It is composed of 17 shorter poems or "snapshots" of specific locations, and these are each given their own acoustic shape as the composition proceeds.

Cordillerais about landscape, about wilderness, about the human presence and voice in places that are still considered by many to be barren and silent. It attempts to bring back to the city listener the sense of space, time and acoustic identity we experience when we manage to tear ourselves from the noise that clutters most of our daily lives.

Cordillerawas commissioned by and first installed as an acoustic environment at the Western Front Gallery in Vancouver, Canada, for its New Wilderness Festivalin the Spring of 1980.

Hildegard Westerkamp

To listen to the sound excerpts click buttons below - sound clips are also embedded in their proper place within the poems.

These poems have been reprinted with permission from the author and publisher.
They appear in: *CORDILLERA* by Norbert Ruebsaat, published by Pulp Press, Vancouver, Canada, 1979