now everything has eyes
now everything is ice
now everything has teeth

small uncertain cracks

things with no names
creep from beneath the mineral blocks

like a species
not yet invented

nothing has been here

no earth for this conversation
no gravity
no language for it

deep in the earth
a thinking starts,
a muscle begins to dream

a scarlet trickle forms
a form of pain leaks out
& tightens

I must not lose my footing
here among the stones,
this crossing
hazardous as bones,
treacherous as eyes

a thin muscle of water
curls & grips my calf,
silent, unbending



here trees long slow deaths
here words are sparse as jewels
here small trees crack & writhe
in pain at this high altitude

frost granulates on the shrubbery,
a skin of snow

the agony of lichens, something
wrung from the air,
made life-like,
as if the sky had bled


eskers now
& drumlins
& scoured precambrian rock,
the cruel glacial fingers

ice inhales its age
like slabs of breath drawn back
into the lungs of arctic north

a cold magnetic light,


meat upon meat
on the granite face,
a snarling
with fangs
with clubs

sheer as cliffs,
a knife-edge
breaking skin

a hide scraped raw
a frozen carcass

lumps of crystal

makes an eery sound


sawtooth range
jaws of the continental drift,
trees dusting over
like gauze,
snow drifting up
into lips

scar tissue

the dimension bares its cutting edge
like a mouth with no word,
a hand erupting hugely
out of a canvas


holding the land
in a grasp of water
the continent

like birth
all things

the creeks
gush upwards
& downwards

the oceans
pools of gravity
hold the sky