This is a story
about the Birdsnest Place.
Sonja and I made it: it is a story
about the sky - and - the - earth.

The sky came down to the earth
to see what was going on,
to feel where it was warm.
It kissed the earth there.
The sun went into birds and trees.
It went
into the eyes of eggs.

Then the rocks came lumbering,
dinosaurs out of the earth,
out of their past,
out of holes in the ground.

The blind rocks
wanted to see what was going on.
They made all that rock noise.

The rocks
shaped themselves into eggs
so they could know about that place,
they would not break there.

They looked like eggs now,
they could see the sky.

They watched the birds coming down
to make their nests inside those eggs.
The rocks winked at them.

This is a story about the rock place
and the sky - fell - down - to - the - earth - place.

The rocks fooled those birds
and laid themselves inside their nests.

That's how they knew.

by Norbert Ruebsaat