Familie Mit Pfiff (1976)
for two-channel tape

Length: 9:00

Familie mit Pfiffwas composed for the occasion of a large reunion of my family in 1976. It is based on a tune that family members used to whistle to each other (and on rare occasions still do), as a greeting or a call. The signal comes from a theme in Franz Schubert's ninth symphony. In this composition I have combined the whistle (generously whistled by Norbert Ruebsaat) and the Schubert tune to make up the main theme of the piece, and it is then taken through variations - variations of the main theme itself and of the soundscape in which the whistle tune might occcur.

The piece celebrates and at the same time questions the survival possibilities of this signal in the environment of contemporary urban society.

The title of the piece was chosen because of its inherent pun in the German language: literally translated it means "family with a whistle tune", but figuratively it means "family with zest".