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Gently Penetrating
Talking Rain
cd Transformations
Program Notes:

Liebes-Lied/Love Song
Für Dich-For Yousound
Breaking News sound

Like a Memory
Attending to Sacred Matters
Beneath the Forest Floor
Breathing Room
Breathing Room 2
Breathing Room3
Cool Drool sound
Cricket Voice
Deep Blue Sea sound
École Polytechniquesound
Familie mit Pfiffsound
Fantasie for Horns 1
Fantasie for Horns 2
Gently Penetrating
Harbour Symphonysound
Harbour Symphony St. John's
His Master's Voicesound
The India Sound Journal
Into the Labyrinth
Kits Beach Soundwalk
Moments of Laughtersound
Music from the Zone of Silencesound
My Horse and Isound
One Visitors Portrait of Banff
Sensitive Chaossound
Talking Rain
Under the Flightpathsound
A Walk Through the City
Whisper Study

At the Edge of Wilderness sound

Part 1 sound
Part 2 sound

Sound Wall sound
Sound City sound
Sound Walk sound
Soniferous Garden sound

Voices for the Wilderness

Zone of Silence Story
Birdsnest Place
The Fox
The Infinite Ear
The Plant
The Truth is Accoustic
Walking Around

Türen der

Soundscape Jerusalem

Full Moon Over Killaloe (FMOK)

Das Komponierende Ohr (The Composing Ear)

Stille und Schall
(Silence and Sound)

Earwitness: A Tale of Cities

Inside the Soundscape

Soundscape Brasilia

Brasilia Soundwalk
Participants' Compositions
Soundscape Brasilia in Context

Articles and Lectures:

LISTENING AND SOUNDMAKING-A Study of Music-as- Environment

Linking Soundscape Composition and Acoustic Ecology

Bauhaus and Soundscape Studies - Exploring Connections and Differences

The Local and Global 'Language' of Environmental Sound

Say Something About Music

Soundscape Composition

Speaking from Inside the Soundscape

NADA-An Experience in Sound

Listening to the Listening

Soundscape of Cities sound

Soundscape Brasilia in Context

The New Museum of Anthropology - An Acoustic Dump