This page gives selected examples of the types of workshops and/or seminars that I have offered and conducted in the past years. My workshops are essentially an enquiry into our relationship to place through listening and an enquiry into listening itself. Conscious attention to the soundscape is like learning a new language and conscious listening and soundmaking is a way of placing ourselves inside the workings of our cultures, societies and landscapes as involved, living participants.

A variety of listening and soundmaking activities offer ways to deepen our relationship to place and to explore what acoustically balanced sound existences might be. Some workshops may be conducted entirely without the use of technology, others may involve recording equipment, editing and mixing facilities, depending on the context and the focus. Soundwalks may be simple listening walks "by ear" or may also include the use of field recording equipment and/or ear protection. Other activities/actions may involve the creation of sound maps and sound scores, monitoring of and documenting a sound environment in a specific location and for a specific time span, writing of sound journals and many more actions/activities.

Not only is the focus of each workshop slightly different, but also the group of participants may vary greatly. Workshop themes, activities, length and participation are developed according to each context. Topics may range from sound ecology, to listening perception, soundscape composition, the use of music, sound design, noise, radio/media, music, silence, and so on.

Soundscape Jerusalem, Nov 8-19, 1999

Lecture and workshop on soundscape composition at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Hebrew University, Givat Ram Campus,
sponsored by the Goethe Institut, Jerusalem, Israel.

Full Moon Over Killaloe (FMOK), August 29 - September 4, 1999
First annual audio art workshop near Ottawa, Canada, organized by the Canadian Society for Independent Radio Production (CSIRP).


Das Komponierende Ohr (The Composing Ear), June 18-19, 1999
Workshop and outdoor concert as part of Stadtstimmen, a series of soundscape events put on by the city of Wiesbaden, Germany. Concept and artistic direction, Sabine Breitsameter. March 31- October 2, 1999


Soundscape Delhi, Oct. 97, Oct. 94, Nov. 92
One to four-week soundscape workshops and lectures hosted and sponsored by Max Mueller Bhavan, Delhi (branch of the German Goethe Institut), India.


Stille und Schall (Silence and Sound), Sept 24-27, 1997
Workshop and presentation at Ganz Ohr (All Ear), sponsored by Hessischer Rundfunk, Kassel, Germany. Project direction, Sabine Breitsameter.


Soundscape Vancouver '96, May/June 1996
Co-ordination of workshop, lecture/symposium and concert, in collaboration with the Goethe Institut Vancouver, Sonic Studio, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver New Music, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.


Earwitness: A Tale of Cities, March 8-10, 1996
Workshop and lectures as part of the Sound Adventure Project, Seattle Art Museum and Goethe Institut, Seattle.


Inside the Soundscape, May 25-28, 1995
Workshop and presentation at KlangUmwelten, Akademie der Künste, Berlin, Germany. Concept and direction, Sabine Breitsameter and Evelyn Hansen.


From Bauhaus to Soundscape: Sound Ecology-New Horizons in Design Oct. 5-9, 94
Workshop and Lectures sponsored by the Goethe Institut Tokyo, Japan.
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Soundscape Brasilia, November 5-11, 1993 and April 20 - May 22, 1994
One- and four-week workshop, lectures and concert, hosted by the Goethe Institut Brasilia, Brazil.