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If you are looking for the home page for the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology, you are in the wrong place.
The WFAE home page is:

This web site is for performing those WFAE administrative duties that can be done over the Web.


Note that most of the external links on this page should also be available in your bookmark file.

Many of the administration tasks are password-protected. With the exception of the functions available from SFU's computing account management page, the password that must be entered is the acoustic-ecology list management password - not the wfae account password.

Manage the acoustic-ecology mailing list.
These functions may require the acoustic-ecology listserv password.

More information on managing acoustic-ecology using UNIX can be found in the Majordomo Help File
SFU also has on-line help for Majordomo at:

Manage the mailing lists 'wf-ae' and 'ca-se'.
Go to the SFU account management page

For more information on adminstering these lists using UNIX, consult the following SFU web documentation:

Setup Netscape for administering the WFAE.
We only have setup files available for download to PC's at this time.

Help Files for WFAE Administrators.
These functions may require the acoustic-ecology listserv password.

View HELP files for various administration tasks in your web browser.
(No password required)

If you prefer, you can mail all help and info files to some email ID.
(No password required)

You can also view any arbitrary WFAE file if you know its name.
(Password required)

An introduction to UNIX:

For all Computing Services How-To handouts see:

For UNIX basics see: For ELM basics see:

Check modem charges and remaining quota

If you are logging into SFU's modems using the 'wfae' ID, then you'll need to keep an eye on the modem quota. Currently 'wfae' is allocated 20 hours of modem time at the start of each semester. If we go over that amount, then money may need to be deposited to continue to access the modems.

NOTE: even if quota is exhausted, it should still be possible to log in to wfae from terminals directly connected to the university - either on the main campus or from harbour centre. Additionally, it's possible to log on to SFU's modems from a different ID, if the administrator has access to some other SFU ID besides 'wfae'. Administration tasks can then be carried on as normal.

To check the wfae quota, go to the SFU account management page

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