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What If the Project Deals with Confidential Material?

If you are dealing with proprietary information, you MUST ensure that everyone involved is aware of this fact at the proposal stage. Faculty members (academic supervisors and committee members) must be advised that they will be dealing with confidential information when they are asked to serve on the committee.


Before you can register for ENSC 498, your academic and technical supervisors must sign the 498_Registration_Form indicating whether or not the project is confidential and, if so, how long it will be held as confidential. Under normal circumstances, the period of confidentiality will not exceed two years from the date you complete ENSC 499. A company may insist that all those reading your proposal and thesis sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). These forms must be provided by the company. To maintain confidentiality, the thesis defense will be closed to the public. Note that not all faculty are willing to sign NDAs, so you should consult with your committee members to ensure they are willing to do so.

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