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When the general question period is over, any observers and guests will be asked to leave the room so your committee members can ask more detailed questions. You will then be asked to leave while the committee considers various issues related to your work (most notably, any revisions which you might be required to make) and decide the outcome of the defense. Finally, you will be asked to return to the room for final comments from the faculty.

A defense has several possible outcomes. If your work is deemed outstanding, you will be passed with distinction. You may also be passed without further revisions to your thesis or you may be passed but asked to make minor changes before submitting the thesis for binding. If your thesis requires major changes, your committee may defer a pass until a specific date by which time you must submit an acceptable final draft. In the unlikely event that you do not fulfill the thesis requirements, you will fail. However, this last outcome is highly unlikely if you have kept in close touch with the members of your committee, have had your thesis approved in principle by your academic supervisor, and have prepared carefully for the defense. For reference purposes, I have included a copy of the Thesis_Defense Results_Form (the actual multi-part form required will be supplied and completed by your Academic Supervisor).

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